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winter coat getting tighter1 week

now that the weather is getting cooler, has anyone found that their winter coat is feeling a bit tighter since last winter?

winter coat getting tighter5 days

Most definitely! Put on a 3XL fleece that had loads of room last year (40 lbs ago) and it's now very tight. Have ordered 4XL for this year! I just love growing out of things.

winter coat getting tighter5 days

...along my pants. Shirts. Etc.

winter coat getting tighter2 days

Absolutely! I feel like Chris Farley sometimes (fat guy in a little coat).

Also, my work uniform is leaving marks on my waistline and is harder and harder to button. I can't order new ones until January, but I have to make it through the holiday season. Too tight... Please send help, and pumpkin pie.