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feeder to feedee/gainer1 week

I'm sitting here eating spoonfull after spoonfull of ice cream, fully intending to eat the whole tub. I used to do this to my ex-boyfriend but ever since we broke up I have this urge to be the feedee.

I'm slender and fit and used to be very proud of my body, but I now dream of having a big, jiggly butt and soft quivering thighs and a round, full belly. I'm a bit scared of how much my mind has changed. From fattening my ex to fattening myself.

I have fought it for a couple of months now, thinking it was just a reaction to missing being a feeder, but its making me miserable. I'm gonna get fatter! It's exciting and scary.

Wish me luck!

feeder to feedee/gainer1 week

Best of luck! It's going to be quite the experience, having the tables turned on you--instead of watching your partner getting helplessly fatter, it'll be your own body packing on the pounds. Let us know how it goes!

feeder to feedee/gainer1 week

Enjoy it. Weight gain is one of the greatest pleasures known to man. Like you, I had more feeder-centric tendencies until I decided to gain out of curiosity. Now I never want to be lean again. Once you go (get) fat you never go back.

feeder to feedee/gainer6 days

I know it's only been a day (not even fully 24 hours, lol) in my new life as a feedee and gainer, but I'm already enjoying the freedom that it brings. Instead of a simple lunch I had an actual meal that filled my stomach. I surprised my colleagues by bringing and eating snacks. I've raided the grocery store and I'm currently munching on junkfood. The feedee life is fantastic and without a doubt very addicting!

Sorry for a pointless update, but I'm just so excited!