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toxicity3 days

So this community is oddly toxic towards guys whom want to gain, when I say this I mean start gaining, why the fuck is this? What did I or anyone else in my position do to deserve it?

toxicity3 days

I actually havent discovered this when i started gaining, I myself havent had any form of toxicity within the community so far. I only started gaining 2 months ago too

toxicity3 days

I've gotten nothing but that from people

toxicity3 days

Thats terrible im sorry to hear that, I usually try to be as pleasant as possible until someone gives me a reason not too. Regardless I wish you the best of luck on your gains!

toxicity3 days

First person on this site and feabie to wish that for me, thanks

toxicity3 days

Don't conflate this place for Feabie. That is a mean-natured place there. I don't go. Stupid name too.

People like their fat here.

toxicity2 days

That's a shame man.

I'm not really into the gentlemen myself, but wish everyone only the best as they get bigger and softer.

Stay hungry, my friend ~________^

toxicity1 day

In what way are they toxic, you mean they're negative about you gaining or something else?