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should i tell my wife my goals?1 month

I�ve been gaining for about 3 months now, haven�t gained much noticeable weight, just mainly loss in muscle definition and my wife hasn�t really noticed yet.
Thing is I haven�t told my wife I trying to get fat and that I want to gain close to a 100lbs. So my question is, should I tell her my intentions or should I just continue going about my gaining without saying anything and wait until she ask?

Does your gain depend on how she feels about it?

should i tell my wife my goals?1 month

That probably answers your question

should i tell my wife my goals?1 month

What will you do if she tells you she's concerned about your health and doesn't want you to gain? If gaining an important aspect of your life, telling a loved one who may be opposed to this pursuit may have a lot of unpleasant consequences and make things really complicated.

On the other hand, I'm sure there have been many couples who have successfully navigated through this and have grown closer as a result. For all you know she may be into it as well and end up wanting to help you gain.

should i tell my wife my goals?1 month

I hate to tell you this, my dude, but you really need to get clearance from your wife here. Marriage is a 2-way partnership. Hopefully you picked a good spouse, but let me lay out your 4 possible timelines:

1. You tell her and and she approves. There are various sub-timelines here where she's super into it, or just doesn't mind.

2. You tell her and she disapproves. If you proceed from here, you are purposefully straining your marriage by knowingly sabotaging your wife's future attraction to you. You do, however, now have an opened-up dialog about each other's weird sex hangups, and maybe you can find some middle ground.

3. You don't tell her and she approves. Either she doesn't care either way, or you unwittingly married a repressed feeder. It's almost definitely the first one.

4. You don't tell her and she doesn't approve. Somewhere like 60 lbs from now she's less interested in physical contact, probably avoids sex. 100 lbs from now she either tells you to your face that you're too fat for her, divorces you, or just has a good old-fashioned affair.

should i tell my wife my goals?1 month

I'll never admit it to my wife. When every new pound seems to her a surprise, it's so funny. Sometimes she loves my belly, sometimes she wants to destroy it. But she never wants to see me skinny. I'm her "paunchy"