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strangers grabbing your belly2 weeks

A women earlier came up to me earlier who lives up the street came up to me and commented I had put on weight,grabbed my belly and jiggled me than patted her own pot belly.

I have to say it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

Just wondering if people had similar experiences

strangers grabbing your belly2 weeks

Me and my wife were at a cookout with some old friends she hadn't seen in years. They all had little daughters she had never met before.

And they literally just surrounded her and started grabbing handfuls of her belly fat while she ate, while laughing.
She thought it was good fun, too.

They weren't mean or anything.
And considering this is Japan, she appreciated the kids have probably never actually met a woman that fat in person before, and were just fascinated.

strangers grabbing your belly2 weeks

THEN there was the last time we flew overseas together.

She was too fat to buckle her own seatbelt, and tried to hide it under her belly.
But a flight attendant noticed- a glamorous, supermodel-thin young lady straight out of the 1960s era of air travel.

She lifted my wife's belly up by her love handles, tucked the seatbelt in between her fat rolls, patted her on the tummy, and said "There we go, all better,"
with a really lovely smile.

And I noticed she didn't make her lower her armrest, though they're supposed to.
I'd like to think it was because she could tell it was no use, she was really too big for one economy-sized seat but we were together and I clearly didn't mind having her rest all of her "overhang" on me.

"Best air service ever!" she told me later.

strangers grabbing your belly2 weeks

Thanks for sharing

It was the first time anything like that had happened so it was a massive turn on

strangers grabbing your belly2 weeks

I was traveling in Prague and walk past a chinese restaurant. A old gentle man was outside with a menu ushering me in. The place was empty. Once in side his wife greeted me with a huge smile and poked and patted my belly. Probably thinking they were going to make their days sale just off of me. They were not wrong.

strangers grabbing your belly4 days

Wow! I thought this was the kind of thing that only happened to me xD

I was getting a bit carried away at a pizzeria, I had eaten almost 2 extra larges :o. My friend was with me and she asked me if she could feel my belly (she knows about my fetish) and I let her, it was so hot.

strangers grabbing your belly4 days

Some time ago, I went to see a Doctor for a back injury, mind you, I just moved to another part of the country & was the first time I was ever seen by the Doc. I explained what happened & the history of this injury. After that, he smiled in a strange way, then grabbed a fat around my belly, gently shook & said this why you have a back injury. The whole thing was very strange, anyway he prescribed me pain medication & muscle relaxers, said to rest for a few days.