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strangers grabbing your belly2 months

I LOVE this so much! I'm such a perve. I even love it when ppl squeeze past me on the train and they rub against my belly and boobs or bum.

OMG. The thing with the train....
Thing is, like this has happened to me, and then I get flustered cos like I get turned on, and then you get more awkward and.... yeah. Then you blush then you realise your blushing then you feel silly.....

strangers grabbing your belly2 months

I was working abroad in Panama and there was an office party at the end of the term. One woman who worked there who I didn�t know so well, who was also fat, offered me a sweet so I took one. She laughed, gently grabbed my belly and said �just one? you and i are not watching our weight, you don�t need to pretend in front of me�. We both laughed and it was a really lovely experience. Slightly strange but nice.

I can understand that being nice. I think I can get this.

strangers grabbing your belly1 week

Another lady from my work noticed that the buttons on my shirt were straining a little after lunch one day, and she strait up just started playing with my belly. Not gonna lie, I kinda liked it.
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