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gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks

It might be just an exception, but I've seen a striking example involving one of my acquaintances.

When she was around 30 years old, just barely a little chubby, she started to get wrinkles, and she looked somewhat older than her age.

Now she is 35 years old, and gained a lot of weight during the last few years. Her hips got significantly wider, her belly button turned into a deep crease, making her belly start to hang, but at the same time it pokes out farther forward than her quite sizeable breasts. Her face is rounder now, but without her chin getting too big to distort it, and her wrinkles disappeared.

What is interesting, is that she looks much younger now. I bet she could hang around with twenty-somethings and not stand out. If she told you that she's 25, you would probably believe her without a second thought.

I know that it's not because of my biases as a FA, because I know people who don't have similar preferences at all, but they still say how young she looks now. She is much more confident now and is happier with her life (unrelated to her weight), this might also have some effect.

Did anyone else have similar experiences? I guess it heavily depends on how one's weight is distributed. Some people might be luckier than others.

gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks


One of my good music mates, making a little banter, said something like,
"Your fat teen bride must be waiting for you...
She's way too heavy for my tastes, but WOW!
Is it legal to rob the cradle like that?!"

Despite the fact my wife's actually older than me!

We were looking at pictures of her from her youth and she said,
"Wow, I looked so old back then!"

It's like she's trading years for pounds!
Actual before and after!

gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks

It depends about people or the way their body reacts to a weight change: some people seems to grow older when they lose a significant amount of weight, others didn't.

gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks

Nope - my genetics just make me look fatter. Not younger.

gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks

Older folks hoping that weight gain will make them look younger should first make sure they are going to be able to maintain their goal weight long term. While gaining may make one look younger, losing the weight often results in saggy facial skin/more prominent wrinkles.

gaining weight might make you look younger?2 weeks

An ex of mine had wls (the band actually) and lost some weight. She removed the band, gain some weight back (and I hopped she regain it all) and she looks much better because she lost all the loose skin.

gaining weight might make you look younger?1 week

This is true!

I read that there was a study on twins where one was chubbier than the other and in a blind test, the chubbier one looked many years younger based on opinion.

.... I can't find the study or remember where I heard that... dang... my Googling skills are failing me.