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menstruation weight gain2 weeks

I have been discussing this issue with some female friends and they always describe how they really like to consume chocolate before their time of a month.
And I really like to encourage them to consume it.
One female friend pointed out that it is easy to gain at least a couple of pounds per menstrual cycle. So it can give about an 80 pound weight gain

Have anyone noticed a similar thing and a lovely weight gain?

menstruation weight gain2 weeks

SHE definitely notices she gets way hungrier that time of the month.
Also her breasts swell up enough to overflow!

The more weight she gains, the less she notices though.
She's hungry all the time now anyways, and her belly has gotten so big "the girls" rest right down comfortably.

menstruation weight gain2 weeks

The good thing is that she wants to eat more fattening stuff as chocolate!

menstruation weight gain2 weeks

My lady has gorged herself silly a ton this week and knowing her cycle she's due to start soon, I'm curious if she continues this trend of over indulging herself during the #ragtime haha jk.

she's so cute. Telling me how full she is and wolfing down all of her food in front of me.

This time of month she craves and asks for chocolate milk and milkshakes Sooo much!

menstruation weight gain1 week

Bigfatbellyfan, enjoy it and make sure the stuff she likes is in abundance and tell her is a bad idea to leave those delicacies untouched.

And try to enjoy period sex - it is great