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sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies1 week

Send them and I'll post the good ones:

Or reply with yours and see what you get from others on this thread.

No racism, pedo (or "lolly"smiley, or confessions of criminal acts please.

sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies6 days

I'll try and check this daily.

my fantasy is to be kidnapped by a crazy feeder who gives me no choice but to gain until im 500 lbs and then shows me off to people

I've seen this often in the stories section. How crazy you talking here? Give us the deets!

Do you like the fantasy of forcing a feedee who wants to stay thin to gain obscene amounts of weight? It's my favorite one, from the feedee side.

Yes but only if the feedee is equally as turned on by it/themselves as they hate it. I love the idea of a piggy reaching a state or fullness or size where they completely regret what they've done but know they can't stop themselves anymore even without me.

sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies4 days

sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies3 days

Do you need to make an account in order to view the stories or posts, really looking for some dark feeding stories

sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies3 days

Do you need to make an account in order to view the stories or posts, really looking for some dark feeding stories

You send anonymous messages (which requires no account) to whomever posts a link, and they can copy and paste here or just want or whatever. Likewise you can sign up and post a link, and see what people send you. So far I've gotten what I've already pasted plus one meh fantasy.

sarahah, anonymous dark fantasies2 days

Kidnapping and total power exchange resonates with me a lot, as a feedee.

Like, maybe I go over to my feeder's house like it's a normal date night, but I don't know that she's finally snapped. She drugs my beer or something, and the next thing I know I'm chained to a bed with a hose in my mouth. And like, she takes good care of me as long as I behave, but the rest of my life is now the constant sensation of being helpless to watch my body bloat and expand around me, slowly losing my mind until all that's left is the ecstasy of knowing I've gotten too fat and helpless to do anything else besides get even *more* fat and helpless.

Ferret out a secret death feedist but don't let on that you know smiley