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fattening victim fantasy6 days

Iv always had the fantasy / fetish of meeting a cute short chubby lady and fattening her up to eat smiley

fattening victim fantasy6 days

hmm yes, you look good enough to eat ight now

fattening victim fantasy5 days

Does anyone else have the fantasy of getting fat or being fattened unknowing for the purpose of being eaten?
I�ve always loved the fantasy of someone wanting to eat my belly...

I share this fantasy too. I want to be a pretty cake though with frosting decorations and cherries smiley

fattening victim fantasy4 days

Absolutely I do! Have had this fantasy since childhood - to fatten women with the goal of devouring them. Of course I would never ACTUALLY want to do it!! But as pure fantasy it is exquisite! I lived a long time assuming I was the only man alive who found the ďfatten her for eatingĒ scenario erotic and it was so freeing - and fun - to learn there are many many of us. Iíve written several stories about this in the FF story archives, and Iím ALWAYS happy to chat with women who share the flip side of tha fantasy - that of being the cannibalís prey. My KIK is in my profile here. (If you KIK be sure to say youíre from FF up front, pls.)

fattening victim fantasy3 days

Sexy girl, but, Iíd have to weigh in on the other side. Donít want to yuck on someone elseís yum, but, whether one wants to eat or be eaten.... that to me sounds like some serious couch time....