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420 stuffing3 months

Anybody else enjoy getting super stoned then stuffing their bellies until not only the weed, but their guts as well, have them couch-locked?
Any stories?

420 stuffing3 months


Ya it happens to me! Though lately I've only had staiva for forever, my inner glutton loves to bake, gorge, and veg. My girlfriend however reacts differently. She's always insta munchies and is naturally sedentary so she lounges after gorging. I have the overwhelming joy of rubbing her stuffed belly afterwords.

420 stuffing2 months

My nightly routine lol it's so hard to feel full tho! 🙊

420 stuffing2 months

Yeeeeaaaahhhh this happens way to often. Next thing you know your tolerance shoots up and your capacity needs like 3 pizzas to get full 😂

420 stuffing2 months

It's honestly one of my favourite things to do! ^_^ Nothing beats a good smoke and unsustainable munchies! And then falling asleep with a nice round tummy full of deliciousness haha!

420 stuffing1 month

Been wanting to do this for a long time. I'm such a snacked when I'm high.

420 stuffing3 weeks

Absolutely the most wonderful! My #1 favourite thing about the good green!

The feeling is amazing... a satiation that just never ends (well as long as you keep stokin the smokin whilst oinkin).

I do not know why, but damn... its as if the THC relaxes your nerves/belly or something and you really can keep fitting more and more and not feel bad.

Cute girls who actively love being piggies are that much sexier when toked -^^-

The other beautiful thing with the green is that it can be a gateway to gaining for some people. Its like the cherry on top.

I just wish bastards would legalise it all over, because alcohol really does not cut it for me!

420 stuffing2 weeks

When I'm stoned, essentially always, my fat is what buzzes most. Reefer just makes me feel so fat!

And.... it makes me want to fatten constantly.

Pot is very compatible with fat. I self-test a lot. For reasons. When I'm growing fatter none of those happy metabolites are going anywhere so it takes me 3 months to "clean up". I used to clean up in a few weeks. Fat doesn't want to let that pot go.

Pot and fat are very fond of each other.

420 stuffing2 weeks

I seriously cannot stop feeding myself when I get high

420 stuffing2 weeks

I seriously cannot stop feeding myself when I get high

a girl after my own heart! this is seriously my #1 fav pastime!
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