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video run-time politics2 months

Just a quick one. Do you reckon the site can impose a minimum amount of time on video's before they are allowed on the site? A lot of the ones in the female section are 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds etc these are quite troll-worthy due to being so short, might as well upload another picture please.

Can we get at least 1 minute? It's not too much to ask especially if people are paying the membership fee, it's no good having loads of very short videos, this isn't Vine! A minimum run time would push for quality standards to be raised.
If people are shy then they need further encouragement but how would you feel about your favourite blockbuster movie being under 10 seconds? That's a GIF not a "video". If people still want their super short videos we need a GIF section to act as a filter, the same as when searching male or female.

Maybe there is a fundamental misunderstanding in what a video is, if you don't know then just look at youtube for inspiration or ask and i will try to teach you with my expertise on the subject.

So tell me what you think? It is a problem that does need sorting out and can't be ignored forever. When will we see progress on this?

video run-time politics2 months

To be honest I don't even bother watching a video if it's less then 40 seconds long, I don't see the point in it.

As such I'd agree with your suggestion but I imagine some people may not be capable of making a minute or longer videos for one reason or another so I'd compromise and go with 30 seconds.

video run-time politics1 month

It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while, but I think it will involve some website changes to make it easier for people to upload longer videos.

Currently they have to wait while the video uploads from their device to the server, which for longer videos on a slow connection could take several minutes.

I'll look to see if it's possible for the videos to upload as a background process so people can get on with using the website while it uploads. They could be sent a notification when it's ready.

I agree though, 3 second videos do seem pretty pointless.

video run-time politics1 month

Wait, am I missing something? Are you paying these people to upload clips? Also the ceiling for file size is not very high so if you're shooting in HD, there isn't much that can be done about length. I'm sure people are glad that others watch and enjoy their FREE videos but imposing regulations without compensation is the silliest thing I've read this morning.

video run-time politics1 month

I think they're referring to the Fantasy upgrade which removes the viewing limit

video run-time politics1 month

It removes the viewing limit but doesn't change the fact that users (premium or not) generate the content and they're not getting paid to do any of it. If you're not paying me, you have no say in how often I upload content or how long/short it is. You guys don't even allow sex workers with profiles on here to properly market their premium content but you're expecting the average person to roll out the red carpet for your (paying) users and shoot at least a minute of high quality videos?