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audible belly noises2 months

Anyone else into audible belly noises? Like when you can hear a belly gurgle without having your ear to it?

audible belly noises2 months

That shit is the hottest I love it when someone's belly groans in protest or rumbles out speaking it's owner. Heavy sloshing is my favorite. I love it if there was something that could be swallowed that could be heard through the entire digestion process.

audible belly noises1 month

Omigosh I love belly noises! It either means that there's a hungry tum or that someone's been well fed, and both of those are great. The sounds of a gurgling belly are actually very soothing to me, though they also totally fluster me and make me blush like crazy too. I love falling asleep on my darling's belly every night, lulled to slumber by the sound of his satisfied tummy. :'D

audible belly noises3 weeks

Currently being saranaded by a belly stuffed with Mexican food. It's loud and makes louder noises as it digests!!!