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oral sex1 month

I agree make sure the guy satisfies you first, if he doesn't hes not really into u. Kick him to the curb

oral sex1 month

Agree on making sure you are satisfied first. And given that it is fairly easy to judge the body of a female why bother to bed her if you are not ready to handle those issues associated with a large female body.

oral sex3 weeks

wow my dear,i adore giving oral sex to huge,and very huge women..i would be verry happy indeed,if i could give you pleasure..big bellies and aprons aint a problem for oral sex!!!

oral sex3 weeks

I've never been into giving a female oral. Vaginas smell so disgusting it makes me want to puke

oral sex2 weeks

Oh Goddess, I can‘t think of a better way to demonstrate respect, adoration and love than pleasuring a woman. There are no physical limitations to giving pleasure to a very big, lusty and sexually connected woman like you that can‘t easily be overcome, for example, by laying on your side, using multiple pillows, or having both partners pitch in. Any man worth your time will be totally focused on you and your pleasure. A real man derives the most powerful feelings of attachment by giving pleasure to a woman who turns him on. It‘s easy to see by reading your profile that you know what you like, and how to communicate what makes you feel good. No man I know could avoid being rendered helplessly aroused by your brain, your ability to communicate, and how you accept and enjoy eating, being fat, and making breast play and fantasy a big part of your sexual pleasure.

Please try not to worry or concern yourself with the “how.“ With the right man, you will encounter no obstacles at all to enjoying the powerful pleasure of receiving oral sex. If you can allow yourself to let go into the feeling, you will experience pleasure at a previously unimaginable level, Goddess. Merely talking about how you deserve this level of pleasure without restraint or concern has made me feel an intense attraction. May you find what and whom you need!

Pete (“Fatsexual“)

oral sex1 week

The fatter my wife gets....I just keep loving giving her oral more and more.

Her puffy FUPA now and her huge belly crease with her slightly hanging soft Gut to move out of the way jiggling with her huge soft thunder thighs spread and bouncing with ecstasy as I slowly lick and then rythmically speed up.....Her fatter outer lips swell even more as she gets closer to orgasm....and then finally explodes sending gyrations and ripples through her Fattened soft belly and thighs and she remains breathing heavy for many minutes.

This is almost a pre requisite before intercourse as she comes over after her shower and gets into bed with the intoxicating aroma of Dove Soap permeating off of her skin and filling the room as she then looks at me as she climbs naked into bed and seductively spreads her massive thighs for me to assume position.
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