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buff woman humiliation1 month

I've recently developed quite the fancy for buff woman humiliating fatties. I've always been highly into very muscular women (think abs, thick powerful thighs, broad shoulders and chest, muscled arms, etc.) but lately that adoration has spread (much like my rear end). I've realized I absolutely love the idea of a muscular girl teasing and humiliating a fatty--comparing their bodies, mocking the fatty for their diet and how much they jiggle, showing off how much more powerful they are... And of course stuffing food into the greedy fatty's throat. A buff girl both mocking and gushing over a fatty's body is pure bliss...

I also fancy vore with this s/d sort of dynamic--I love a muscular lady predator unable to resist a juicy growing fatty--so utterly tantalizing and the perfect prey--that they have a "cheat" meal and gobble the fatty down (bonus if the fatty is tiny or the pred shrinks them). Our lovely predator then has to work all the chunker's calories off and just AHHHHH how lovely would it be to contribute to such a powerful physique?

buff woman humiliation2 weeks

I agree. It can be very exciting and I like it

buff woman humiliation3 days

This fantasy turn me on so much too.

buff woman humiliation10 hours

I like grow for hard core dominant master I like being constantly humiliated on very different ways. My biggest wish is to become scary disgusting spectaclefor every day people . I want to my master be proud on my transformation in immobile get blob . Also I need to be showing to other people how fet, subistiv dirty pig I'm. Oink oink oink