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22 male 5'4" gainer help3 weeks

Hey everyone! I'm David! To be honest the highest I've ever weighed is around 155 lbs! But being 5'4" I find weight really stacks well and noticeably on me! Anything above 140 starts to just look like a bit extra.

So I'm really looking for any advice anyone has. I'm currently 125 to 130lbs and am really eager to just hit it hard and commit to gaining.

I'm also very interested in gainer shakes and have found some success with blending half and half cream with peanut butter. I'm trying to aim for 4000 calories a day at a minimum!

I'd appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks guys!

22 male 5'4" gainer help3 weeks

What sort of advice are you looking for?

Consistently eating 4k per day should result in a gain of about 2 lbs a week unless you're active and working out a lot.