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moobs jiggling when walking2 months

I was wondering how big would moobs need to be for jiggling or even bouncing while walking?

Never had that because of small moobs but it would be so hot to have so big moobs that they would bounce during walking.

moobs jiggling when walking2 months

I would say a b cup would start to jiggle.... I have noticed mine filling out here lately!!!

moobs jiggling when walking2 months

Size is not the only aspect of jiggling. This includes women. Some are perky and large and don't jiggle much. Some are small and saggy and jiggle even at an A cup.

moobs jiggling when walking2 months

Lately, I have noticed just a little jiggle not in front, but on the sides. The sides are much softer and a little thicker than my front right now.

moobs jiggling when walking1 month

I've tried to measure my moobs, and they appear to be small Bs. I've definitely got some serious jiggle going when I walk.

moobs jiggling when walking3 weeks

Mine jiggle and I love it , especially in tight shirts where my nipples rub against the fabric 👌🏾😁