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hello, i'm new!3 weeks

So, you can call me Insect or InsectChub. I'm small, awkward, and anxious. I'm not really looking for relationships on here (I'm still getting over a break up, and I have to get close to somebody to even have romantic thoughts, much less sexual), but instead, I came here looking for like-minded people. Since my life is basically a mine field, I really want to get people to relate to, and since my fat fetish is my deepest secret to most, I'd imagine this is a good place to start. So yeah.

hello, i'm new!2 weeks

Welcome, Insect. I believe we've already met but that won't stop me from saying hello again.
I hope you can be yourself here and don't worry, we all have this obsession with fat. So there's no reason to be anxious.
Keep up the gain, Chubby. You'll look great one day!