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getting fat!2 weeks

Who gained a LOT of weight and got VERY fat for a significant other?

getting fat!2 weeks


I did a couple of years ago, then he changed his mind so I lost weight for him as well.

Now gaining for myself :-)

getting fat!2 weeks

My wife did.

Now I'm growing noticeably fat too. Not originally her idea but she's having fun with me becoming her fat boy.

getting fat!2 days

Who gained a LOT of weight and got VERY fat for a significant other?

I did! I had already started getting a little fat, but she was definitely the one who pushed my gaining forward.

I wrote about the experience here:

getting fat!1 day

Slightly different and convoluted in my case.

I initially gained not really knowing by indulging along with my wife in all the fattening snacks I was buying her to fatten up again. After I realized I had gained a good amount of weight I decide to intentionally gain.....mostly due to a lack of weight gain in our relationship for several years and also I so wanted for her to comment on my weight gain, tease me for it or even scold me for getting Fat.

She never really commented even though I gained 40+ lbs. quite quickly in around 4 months and grew a noticeable huge Gut. She began over feeding me as she must have noticed my new growing Gut....and made me fatter by the day....she didnít seem to have any complaints fact she seemed to like the fatter me....and I still ate more and more and got fatter. If she ever can right out and said she wanted me to get even fatter....I would probably be puddy in her hand and I would allow her to make me her huge Fat husband.

getting fat!10 hours

Ha ha Voluptuous Lover I always enjoy your posts.

My wife is always telling me how fat I am lately. She likes me to draw my leg up to enhance my side folds and hip bulge for her. She makes me feel so fat!

I love it when she marvels at my burgeoning. Besides her own self I am the first person she has ever made fat. She loves seeing me change.

She likes to remark when she sees me "acting fat" like adjusting my clothes and position for my new flesh. It turns her on when do stuff like bump things I once slipped by.

She loves watching the fat change me.