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mistress feeder looking for a piglet2 weeks

Having trouble gaining weight ? Need motivation to gain more weight ? Want someone to tease you and control you like the sub you know you are ? You're a starter piggy with dreams to get bigger ? Then you're in the right place x3 taking feedee applications now. Your application should mimic the following
1. Your'e Male / Female / gender fluid etc.
2. Your current weight and weight goal
3. Nicknames you like
4. Allergies , dislikes or pet peeves
5. A pic of your belly
6. A declaration of your desires (tell me what it is about gaining weight that makes you hot and ready 💋smiley
7. Do you like to roleplay ? (Just a random question )

I look forward to hearing you my piggies 😍

mistress feeder looking for a piglet1 week

Inquiery sent.