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fat girls used on tinder by their "friends"5 days

Here's a question, and I'm actually struggling with the right/wrong thing to do here.

So many times, thin and conventionally attractive women use their fat friends in dating profiles as ways to make themselves look better. And it's usually pretty clear - just the two of them, both trying to look their best, but the thin one is obviously trying to play up the "I'm the hot one here" angle.

I'm often tempted to swipe right and straight up say "Hey, can you connect me with your hot curvy friend you tried to upstage?"

On one hand, that's a dick move. Many women's profiles have group shots, and it's kinda mean to say that I'm swiping right to connect with someone's friend, not them.

On the other hand, I feel almost righteous in effectively saying hey, your vain and mean-spirited attempt to upstage your bigger friend failed.

I haven't done this yet - I'm pretty much settled on the fact that, despite the supposed high ground I'd be taking, it's still an ass move. But definitely interested to hear others' thoughts.

fat girls used on tinder by their "friends"5 days

Its a common issue, I say go for it. It will hopefully inspire a bit of humility, and you just might get to contact the friend. Nothing to lose if you don't try bud.

fat girls used on tinder by their "friends"4 days

Recurrent. Don't give a damn about it.