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experiences on vanilla dating sites4 days

So I'm running into the problem most feedees have when it comes to using vanilla dating sites (vanilla being non-fetish). I'm a feedee, and anyone who dates me is going to have to accept, and ideally enjoy, that I'm going to gain a ton of weight.

What are feedees' experiences with regular dating sites? I'd be especially interested on if you list specifically as a gainer in your profile, or if not when do you tell a date you're feedist?

Due to a really annoying experience I had before (that's a post I made a while back), I now include a quick line in my profiles about being chubby, enjoying it, and wanting to gain more.

Naturally, this is limiting my contact with people. There's a select set of people who like fat guys, and an even smaller selection that likes guys who intentionally get fat.

But, seeing as this is part of me, I list is as I do any other potential dealbreaker - like the fact I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, so can't date a smoker.

Thoughts on all this?

experiences on vanilla dating sites4 days

It's rough. I've had two disastrous long term relationships. One was a person who was on board with me gaining, but around 260 lbs or so confessed she wasn't attracted to me any more. The other one was outright revolted by the concept, and told me I needed professional help.

My current girlfriend and feeder I actually met like 7 years ago when I put out a Craigslist ad explicitly seeking a feeder lmao. We kind of went our separate ways until we reconnected last year, and now things are going great.

I guess what I'm saying is it pays to have some pretense. If you're going to be indulging your personal gaining fetish, your prospective partner deserves to know what they're getting into. Otherwise you'll end up with somebody who's into the Dad Bod, but finds you disgusting once you're wearing 3xl shirts.