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fat girl humiliation2 months

I definitely belong in this thread.

Being teased for having no self control (while being presented with lots of fattening treats), being weighed and measured, being grabbed and jiggled.

Even very subtle teasing is nice-- just having someone rest hands on my love handles reminds me how wide I'm getting, no grabbing necessary. But it doesn't hurt to be reminded that I'm putting on a few, or being told "careful, your pants are getting a little tight".

My inbox is definitely available for teasing.

Subtle teasing in person is the best!! Someone brushing up agaist your flabby bits in public is the bomb dot com, as are the subtle glances when you're eating a little too much or a soft "Sure you want a fourth cookie today?"
But, in the bedroom or in messages (cough cough my mailbox is always open), someone going all out is super appreciated too

fat girl humiliation2 months

I love teasing/humiliation in all forms. I don't know why, but it's my favorite part of the fetish.

fat girl humiliation2 months

I love being teased about what a fat slut i am. Msg me smiley

fat girl humiliation2 months

What I find so interesting is how many people responding to this question forgot about the "role play" and teasing aspects and went right into public humiliation or just plain humiliation any time and any place.
Being called a growing piggy who will soon only be able to communicate with oinks, who will soon have to stand up and be measured and weighed to see how much fatter they have gotten, especially while being stuffed by a feeder or
engaging in mutual binging, is a stimulus, not only erotically, but also for continuing to be stuffed or to binge in role play. And hearing how obscenely high the big fat gut is getting as one lies there and stuffs or is being stuffed is the ultimate turn-on. The occasional "oink" in such situations is, in my mind, equivalent to the orgasmic cry.
In public, however, which was not the question, I find it quite disgusting to hear someone being called piggy. This may, however, be a reaction to hearing the husband of someone I was traveling with a long time ago -- a really fat woman who was obviously a stuffer and gainer --calling his wife piggy in public. What I did notunderstnd at the time, before being introdeuced to the online fat-loving community, is that they were probably engaging in a private game that both enjoyed.

Yes this is so me i donthe privatley thing but not in public im very turned on being call a piggy

fat girl humiliation2 months

I want to be teased and humiliated so badly about what a pig i am hmu on kik @seybelly03

fat girl humiliation1 month

I love the teasing. Rubbing my bloated after dinner belly. Making me wear outgrown clothes so that all of my blubber is on display. Ordering me food that I clearly don't need.

fat girl humiliation3 weeks

Omg it turns me on because its so embarrasing. But i only love it when its true. Dont tell me im the fattest... cuz im not. Please be specific though and describe in detail!

fat girl humiliation2 weeks

My mother-in-law used to do this all the time.
Very nice well meaning person, but old fashioned. Besides, Japan isn't a country with a lot of really obese women, so people assume she's looking for help rather than happy with her size.

When we first started dating and she brought me home, she told me right in front of my bride-to-be in public:
"Thank you, I thought my daughter was so fat she'd never fall in love. As a man you need to discipline her and put her on a diet. Honey, aren't you embarrassed your belly is so big? You must feel so heavy!"

Again, she meant well in her own really old fashioned way. But my wife secretly found it really funny, and then started teasing me and mock-whining at me: "It's all your fault I'm so fat! What kind of husband fattens his wife up like a pig? Mom will be furious!"

She's stopped shaming her daughter, because she understands she's happy now, and besides she KNOWS her baby girl is so helplessly obese she won't lose all that weight.

But the truth is me and my wife both miss the way Mama used to try and get her to slim down...

fat girl humiliation2 weeks

Ooh, and then there was her friend's wedding!

There were a whole bunch of my wife's lady friends there who hadn't seen her in ages. The wine was endless, so they were quite drunk. They all gathered around my wife, laughing as they poked and squeezed her fat rolls and made her jiggle from every angle right in front of me.

Talking to her: "Whoa honey, you got huge! You're like a giant marshmallow!"
Talking to me: "Are you sure you can handle this much woman? Oh, but you must love how soft she is!"

My wife thought it was pretty funny!
I thought it was actually pretty sexy...

fat girl humiliation2 weeks

Someone Tease me please! Kik is 'PigGirl' anything will do. I need a master who will tease me so bad!!
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