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deep bellybuttons on women...10 years

That seems pretty good....this isn't a stat I've really focused on as an FA (as say compared to hip circumference). However, 3.5" deep bellybutton is turning me on. smiley

deep bellybuttons on women...10 years

Deep belly buttons are in deed awesome to say the least. For a long time, I've been trying to nail down the exact reason why I like them so much and that's it, it further accentuates the curves(mainly the tummy and lovehandles) on a full-figured woman. A while ago I met a woman who told me she liked her belly button sucked. Unfortunately for me, she wasn't all that heavy. I never got the courage to actually lick a female's belly button, or anything like that, but I guess if a girl let me (and she recently got out of the shower) I just may try it.
Much props to the person who started this thread.

deep bellybuttons on women...10 years

I'm too much of a gentleman to say exactly what I love doing to deep bellybuttons on a wonderfully curvaceous woman... smiley


deep bellybuttons on women...9 years

I find them to be ratherh hot.