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your kinkiest fantasy2 months

teasing a fatty, not letting her cum until she's finished whatever i want to feed her. Putting donuts on my cock and making her eat them off, that kind of thing, but only with someone else who's turned on by it obviously. I'm sure i could find some creative uses for whipped cream too smiley

oh, i'd love this!

your kinkiest fantasy3 weeks

I would like to get my girlfiend a trough and build a pig pen for her outside. I'd like to keep her naked in the pen for a week or so over summer when the weather is fine. I'd mix up lots of high calorie swill to feed her & she'd only be allowed to grunt like a pig and not talk whilst she's in her pen. Occasionally, I'd enter the pen to take her from behind for sex whilst she is leaning over her trough to eat her swill.

Well that is so damn hot

your kinkiest fantasy3 weeks

A month ago I had the privilege of being on a leash, pig nose on, bowl of food in front of me and being on all fours. it was amazing no to be in control

Mmmm, hot indeed. love it.

your kinkiest fantasy3 weeks

Mine is to be fed by my male lover until immobile and available to him 24/7. He would feed me, change me sand have sex with me all day.
Also anything with slob, diapers and breastfeeding

your kinkiest fantasy3 weeks

A more realistic kink that's come true?

Seeing descriptions of obese people in print meant to be upsetting, tragic, or negative, and feeling pleasant thoughts.

British tabloids are pretty good for that.
Some bougie lady ranting about groups of young ladies covered in rolls of fat, having a good time and not fretting about their figures- sounds like society's on the right track to me!

All I can think is ~_____________^
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