does this happen to anyone?

You need to request somewhere to sit. 15 minutes standing still is hard work. It's actually easier to walk about a bit.
avatar JackSteven 2 weeks

fat and fit?

Is there any way I can gain weight while still keeping some level of physical conditioning? I enjoy a few athletic hobbies, but I have always had a bit of a fantasy for this kind of thing. Thanks for the help.

Keep moving!
Be careful not to hurt yourself and take Glucosomine to keep your joints healthy.
Do not overdo it but be sure to do enough.
avatar JackSteven 2 weeks

lock me up and balloon me up

I would love to be locked in a mirrored room and force fed through a tube a fattening liquid diet, and watch myself balloon with lard before my very eyes.

From your pictures I am watching you balloon. So you're doing something right.
avatar JackSteven 4 months

(nsfw) weight gain and masturbation addiction.

SSBBW lover that's good to hear. One of the major causes of not gaining any more weight is Type 2 diabetes. It halts the conversion of food into body fat. Getting your blood sugar right through medication will allow you to gain weight. Eat as much as you want and use the medication to control your blood sugar. I know that's not what they advise but then they don't want you getting fatter.

Happiness comes first, so eat.
avatar JackSteven 4 months

(nsfw) weight gain and masturbation addiction.

It's a very important outlet for you. Gaining weight on your own body gets you closer to your sexual fat fantasies so don't worry about some extra pounds. Look around, loads more fatties than ever before. You getting fatter won't upset the world, have another fattening snack.
avatar JackSteven 4 months

do any other fat guys have issues finding a woman in the dating scene?

Past 7 years I been told I am ugly, worthless, useless, ugly, nothing but trash, I have nothing to offer any woman, that no woman would want me, I am a joke, even told I needed to kill myself, I have even been catfished about 20 times over the past 7 years on every dating site and app.

I dunno what catfished is but it sounds unpleasent.

I know women are important but the first thing to learn is you're not concerned what they think of you.

The second thing to learn is we're all a bit shit and can all be described as worthless and what ever. That's unimportant too.

You have some skills and abilities that you're quite pleased with yourself with. You smile about them. No need to show off or to get anyone else's opinion on them.

Work on your skills and on any weaknesses you believe are worth the effort. In my opinion my marathon running abilities are crap but I won't waste my time even thinking about it. However there are some things I can improve that would help me. I'm not bothered, I can stay the same and it won't matter, it just might be more fun if I improved.

As a man it's important to do your thing but don't worry if it impresses anyone or not. It might but if it does just politely thank them for the compliment. Equally it's unimportant if someone tells you that the way you do your thing is crap and other people do it better. Maybe true but it's unimportant if you're the best, leave that for the Olympics. You're quite pleased with your own performance, you get satisfaction.

Right so now you've got your own opinion of yourself sorted time to talk to women.

So do not prepare yourself, do not think about talking to a woman. Just talk to her. She might give you some shit that makes you feel bad. They can do that just by looking you up and down. So here's what you think "Oh she's checking me out, perhaps she likes what she sees, perhaps not, let's find out".

At this point you're interested in what she thinks but what you think is more important to yourself. If she thinks you're a disgusting fat lump of shit then you're not her type. It's not that you need to not be a fat lump of shit or that she needs to change her opinion. It just means you need to meet the next one.

If you are happy with yourself then you make your opinion the reality. If she does not fancy you then that is a little odd but she is entitled to her opinion. If she does fancy you then that's sort of what you were expecting since you're that kinda guy. You're happy about it but not super delighted. You need to get to know her, she might not be your type.

Do you get what I am saying? What came through on your post was that you hold their negative opinions of yourself in high regard. Don't.

You're no superman but you're quite pleased with yourself. Plenty good enough but you're not bothered if others don't see it. Their problem for not being more observant.

Take care fella.
avatar JackSteven 4 months

without a feeder you cant gain very much.

You can gain a great deal of weight without a feeder. You say you would gain for a feeder how about gaining to prove to your potential feeder that you can get fat? Don't worry that they will miss out on some of your gain because you will still be mobile when you meet them. They will fatten you beyond all capability of you to do anything for yourself except eat. You will be as helpless as you are in your avatar. So stop dithering about and get on with your life. You know what you want so do it.
avatar JackSteven 2 years

really want to gain.. but cant get past mental barier

First of all 250lbs is not all that much to be concerned about you could be a lot fatter no problem.

Secondly most people can't spare that much effort to be concerned on your behalf.

Thirdly if they are that interested in your weight they are probably a closet FA or Feedee anyway. You know they are bashing you for your weight to give them a socially acceptable reason to concentrate on how fat you are.

Finally feeling a bit guilty about your weight gain actually adds to the enjoyment.

So yes gain weight and feel a bit guilty about it. And then gain some more! Then console yourself by saying you can't help it and it's not your fault and comfort eat.
avatar JackSteven 2 years

ode to betsy bogert

I met KellyGrl and Squeeze at their house years ago. Squeeze had a Lotus Esprit, an amazing car but so low with such a hard ride it was hardly fat friendly. Kelly sat on my lap :-) (no not in the Lotus, on the sofa) Her body was unusual in the her thighs and belly are huge but calves, arms and face were like a skinny girl. Over the years all of her grew inflated until she just vanished off the scene. was inspired by an earlier site called which had the most amazing site decoration drawings of extreme feederism. I think it was only up for a year and back in 1995 I did not think to save it. acted as a showcase and linking point to the BBWs own websites once they got them running. Many people became Feeders and Feedees after discovering the site.

I expect HeatherBBW and CAT on this site remember those days.
avatar JackSteven 2 years

microbiology and weight gain - mostly for females

Excellent. Keeping your cravings going by switching to different types of food each week is good. How do you know that these false oestrogens in products are a real thing and not some nonsense made up by the organic food people? Is this something you have been able to prove for yourself?
avatar JackSteven 2 years
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