"why are the plus-size champions shrinking before our very eyes?" by chloe elliot

You have hypocrisy from the outset. They are already people who want fame and fortune and don't honestly stand for anything. If we accept them as role models it's the same as expecting a politician to carry out election promises. They will simply do what seems to help them the most.

To expect anything good from people who want your adoration or vote is to set yourself up for a fall.

Be your own role model.
avatar JackSteven 2 weeks

reckless gaining

For me much of the turn on is from the unhealthiness, I know I'll be dead by 30 and that I'll end up with too many chronic health problems to name, but it doesn't phase me. I'm 20 stone and can fell my body struggling. Walking more than a couple of minutes gets me out of breath and when I eat greasy food my chest starts to fell weird. My helplessness and lack of willpower really turns me on.

You might want to optimise your life a bit. Don't get too ill too soon or you won't get to be super fat or enjoy it for as long.

If you can keep hauling your fat body around with strength and energy you can get fatter and enjoy yourself more. You can still keep the same aim but longer term and grander.
avatar JackSteven 5 months

girlfriend wants to get immobile

cornsnake, it's all very well being happy with her at any weight but she wants to be fatter. Do you not want her fatter? There are men who would want her fatter. I don't know if you are just trying to sound virtuous for loving her at any size but really the point of being Feeder and Feedee is you both want it. If you are just going along with her desires JUST to please her then it's not mutual.

Yes obviously it's bad for her health to get that fat but she is weighing up her desire to get fatter with her health concerns. You really don't seem to excited by the idea of her getting fatter and only concerned with her happiness and her health.

Some people here might think that entirely right that your only concern is for her needs and desires and not your own but in a relationship she would be wanting someone who actually desires her to get fatter.

It's gotta be a two way mutual thing. Clearly the balance is difficult if she's the one getting fatter and you're the one running around for her but the desire for her to get fatter has got to be something you both share.

So in conclusion I actually think it's right for her to get fat but not for you. You might need to consider separating so that she can spend her life with someone who shares her desire.
avatar JackSteven 5 months

your kinkiest fantasy

Being chained up on a California king bed and my feeder forcing me to gain till I'm spilling off of it and no matter what I do he won't stop and he finds ways for me to always be full and gaining as fast as possible and he fattens me to death

avatar JackSteven 5 months

tips to gain weight fast and cheap?

I'm new to this and I do not have a big budget or a meal plan to reach my goal, in fact I do not even have the money to buy a balance. my goal is to reach 100 kg

Bread is probably the cheapest most fattening food. Carbs are key. So think of every way of eating bread. Get some good spreads. Butter is good for you but man made spreads are more fattening as your body has to store them.

Coke and other fizzy drinks are sold in 2 litre bottles cheaper than water. Make sure you drink this and not water. You can see documentaries on people who became supersized because of drinking so much soda.
avatar JackSteven 5 months

does this happen to anyone?

You need to request somewhere to sit. 15 minutes standing still is hard work. It's actually easier to walk about a bit.
avatar JackSteven 6 months

fat and fit?

Is there any way I can gain weight while still keeping some level of physical conditioning? I enjoy a few athletic hobbies, but I have always had a bit of a fantasy for this kind of thing. Thanks for the help.

Keep moving!
Be careful not to hurt yourself and take Glucosomine to keep your joints healthy.
Do not overdo it but be sure to do enough.
avatar JackSteven 6 months

lock me up and balloon me up

I would love to be locked in a mirrored room and force fed through a tube a fattening liquid diet, and watch myself balloon with lard before my very eyes.

From your pictures I am watching you balloon. So you're doing something right.
avatar JackSteven 9 months

(nsfw) weight gain and masturbation addiction.

SSBBW lover that's good to hear. One of the major causes of not gaining any more weight is Type 2 diabetes. It halts the conversion of food into body fat. Getting your blood sugar right through medication will allow you to gain weight. Eat as much as you want and use the medication to control your blood sugar. I know that's not what they advise but then they don't want you getting fatter.

Happiness comes first, so eat.
avatar JackSteven 10 months

(nsfw) weight gain and masturbation addiction.

It's a very important outlet for you. Gaining weight on your own body gets you closer to your sexual fat fantasies so don't worry about some extra pounds. Look around, loads more fatties than ever before. You getting fatter won't upset the world, have another fattening snack.
avatar JackSteven 10 months
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