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GrowThatB... 3 days ago
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CallBR549 3 days ago
Wow, gulp! You look awesome!
GrowThatB... 6 days ago
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GrowThatB... 3 weeks ago
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Oliver Hardy 3 weeks ago
Looks like someone has been stuffing her gluttonous tummy all day instead of working behind that desk smiley
CallBR549 3 weeks ago
My goodness, that belly is looking deliciously soft these days! You are very beautiful.
Fat lover 60 3 weeks ago
Hope Christmas was good for you, and hope you start off the New Year with a good stuffing.
petefrosty 3 weeks ago
wow your curves are massive xx
heyyo123 2 weeks ago
want to make u massive!
GrowThatB... 1 month ago
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Badhansel 1 month ago
Beautiful! Hope you are just gorging on Christmas treats and that 2017 is a very fattening year!
GrowThatB... 2 months ago
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bbwamore 2 months ago
Still 198? Your belly looks so big and beautiful!
Badhansel 2 months ago
You are looking positively scrumptious!
GrowThatB... 2 months ago
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derraabe 2 months ago
OMG, your belly's gonna pop! What a hot exciting Look!!
bbwamore 2 months ago
Incredible indeed. You look great.
feedermax 2 months ago
Such an awesome sexy round belly.fantastic
GrowThatB... 3 months ago
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Good morning!
abrokento... 3 months ago
Morning such a big belly!
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