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mochafrap 2 months ago
I honestly would love to help a guy get to ~800 pounds. I know that's unrealistic, so I couuld settle for 500 :/
MR sparkles 2 months ago
Help me
Witcher 2 months ago
If you found a way to, you can make me 800 if you want to or however large you want lol
ccwolf60 2 months ago
Full and happy smiley
Oliver Hardy 1 month ago
If only...
mochafrap 2 months ago
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ffa/encourager looking for gainer
mochafrap 2 months ago
FFA interested in chatting with gainers smiley
Oliver Hardy 2 months ago
No time to chat... very busy stuffing my hungry gut beyond all limits smiley
mochafrap 2 months ago
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Being healthy while gaining
mochafrap 2 months ago
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re: Your kinkiest fantasy
mochafrap 2 months ago
Why is there nobody in my area? smiley
Online seems like it wouldn't be that great.

(I like fat guys btw. Message me!)
BBWcreator82 2 months ago
Online is better than real life, you don't get sick of one another that fast and you always look forward to meeting your feeder/feedee. In real life you have to deal with all of them, most of us don't like one another past the fetish.
CallBR549 2 months ago
That is the trick isn't it? Finding someone you want to be with no matter what .... AND someone who shares this interest. It makes Real Life much more challenging than On Line.
harrygetzoff 2 months ago
I'm in your area and don't be fooled by my avi pic, that was taken a while ago....
mochafrap 2 months ago
There's nobody on the same page as me and in my area. I want to be fed and treated like a princess. I would also want a guy into gaining with a bit of BDSM involved. I love the dom and sub role.
Goldwing 2 months ago
It's a little difficult, yeah. This lifestyle isn't nearly as prevalent as it should be. I know what you're looking for sounds awesome to me, but I'm up in Ontario.
mochafrap 2 months ago
I'm so weird. I want a huge/fat guy friend to stuff with, dominate me and then cuddle with even though he could suffocate me. Why are big guys usually submissive and not really assertive? smiley
Goldwing 2 months ago
Naw, mutual gaining is the best. I wanna be in a fat couple
Oliver Hardy 2 months ago
I hope you'll find the exception that makes the rule and have the time of your life with him !
Farleysmom 2 months ago
I identify with this; I want to engage in fat s&m crushing with a big guy.
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