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ladiielle90 18 hours ago
Gosh I wish there was a job where i get paid to stay home and be a lazy gluttonous piggy.
Bralan1995 12 hours ago
Me to I'd be huge already
ladiielle90 2 days ago
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I'm getting so freakin fat and I LOVE it!!
ladiielle90 3 days ago
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Wishing it was ur hand instead of mine
smokedebear 3 days ago
I wish as well would be nice to give it a rub or two
ladiielle90 5 days ago
Too much hatred not enough love in the world. If no one else does, I love you and I think ur fuckin awesome!
MusicManMike 5 days ago
Right back at you!
ladiielle90 2 weeks ago
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A full belly is a happy belly!! 😊
ladiielle90 2 weeks ago
Time for a 3 day gluttonous extravaganza... All I plan on doin is eating and sleeping.
Jiggly J 2 weeks ago
Such a good plan! Always a good time to pig out.
Oliver Hardy 2 weeks ago
Bon appetit 🍔🍕🍰🍫🍨
faadmirer 2 weeks ago
Don't share a bite you deserve it all! Enjoy yourself!
AdmiralRu... 2 weeks ago
Any plans for what you'll have?
ladiielle90 3 weeks ago
Y is it so hard to find a good man that will treat me good and love my fatness?? I feel so alone and unwanted in this world. Sometimes I wonder y am I even here? To be used and abused I guess.. 😭😭
Gluttonyi... 2 days ago
let me change that, you deserve to feel wanted ....I'll be your slave you can have your way with me...I'll do anything to please you
ladiielle90 3 weeks ago
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So full but I crave more food
ladiielle90 3 weeks ago
new pic uploaded
I absolutely love the way my belly hangs now.
ladiielle90 3 weeks ago
new pic uploaded
Full of dairy queen 😋
ladiielle90 3 weeks ago
About to stuff my belly with dairy queen until it hurts!!
ccwolf60 3 weeks ago
Happy stuffing smiley
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