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ladiielle90 2 hours ago
Once i hit 250 I'm done for awhile. This shit just ain't fun ALONE😩
Oliver Hardy 55 mins ago
It is, however it is way more fun when you'd be admired, spoiled and rubbed like you deserve to...
SarahInSp... 35 mins ago
when you find someone to feed you you will be stunned and amazed at how big you will get...be prepared!
Farleysmom 17 mins ago
ladiielle90 4 days ago
I just can't stop looking at myself in the mirror, admiring my plumper physique. Just imagining how amazing I'll look with 50 extra lbs😏
Oliver Hardy 3 days ago
Enjoy the breathtaking look in your mirror dear, those 50 pounds will be there within months now that you have discovered cream as your new best friend smiley
ladiielle90 3 days ago
I wish I could gain those 50 lbs overnight
AdmiralRu... 2 days ago
Sounds good to me!
ladiielle90 5 days ago
Omg! I'm soooo stuffed I can barely breathe lol. I could definitely use a good tummy rub now....
Oliver Hardy 5 days ago
I volunteer for the job smiley
CallBR549 4 days ago
sooo stuffed you can barely breathe is exactly how you SHOULD be!
Rustydog7 4 days ago
Go ahead, I think you can eat a little more. I love you stuffed and I would love to rub your overstuffed belly.
ladiielle90 5 days ago
That moment when you realize you've eaten everything in site but your belly still growls from hunger. poor piggy 😩
MR sparkles 5 days ago
Awww poor thing
ladiielle90 5 days ago
new pic uploaded
Lots and lots of chicken Alfredo and chocolate milk and heavy cream
heyyo123 5 days ago
getting so huge!
ladiielle90 5 days ago
Thank u 😉
ladiielle90 6 days ago
I got my heavy cream and chocolate milk! Lets see how this goes😏
IronCity89 6 days ago
Good luck
Goldwing 6 days ago
Nice! Have fun with it. A good sized glass a day does wonders
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