Farleysmom 16 hours ago
I hate the way QVC uses plus size models on its fashion shows, but on the jewelry shows, the models. Are always rail thin.
Farleysmom 16 hours ago
My BHM 'S big beautiful size is causing him to have sleep apnea. Every rose has its thorn. I love him. We'll make this work no matter what.
Sixpack 16 hours ago
Ooops i find myself asking why girls are on FF...sorry!
Farleysmom 15 hours ago
I started to write, "Who the fuck is looking up airline fees on FF?!" Before realizing that you were joking. LOL
Goldwing 15 hours ago
I usually ask, because I don't want to assume. Just because someone lists as a specific ID such as feeder, doesn't tell the whole story.

That, and so many people have blank or tiny profiles.
ladiielle90 17 hours ago
Once i hit 250 I'm done for awhile. This shit just ain't fun ALONE😩
Oliver Hardy 16 hours ago
It is, however it is way more fun when you'd be admired, spoiled and rubbed like you deserve to...
SarahInSp... 16 hours ago
when you find someone to feed you you will be stunned and amazed at how big you will get...be prepared!
Farleysmom 16 hours ago
ladiielle90 11 hours ago
Thats the thing, finding someone in my area. Seem like everyone I talk to are states away smh
Dailyspadez 5 hours ago
I wish I could help
welshpiggy 17 hours ago
Soo hungry
Sixpack 16 hours ago
id love to feed you xx
bellylover95 17 hours ago
new post created in weightgain forum
re: Should I gain more?
bellylover95 17 hours ago
looking for female Feeder or Just a Gf i live in the Netherlands
bellylover95 17 hours ago
new post created in personal ads forum
re: female feedee/gainer around my age 18-22
Nova22 18 hours ago
new post created in weightgain forum
Should I gain more?
ccwolf60 18 hours ago
Morning, afternoon and evening all FF worldwide smiley
ChubbyHubby 19 hours ago
new post created in personal ads forum
re: Any other lesbians on here?
Adiposerex 20 hours ago
Really just want to be turned into a real fat porker
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