love you to death


The romance had been somewhat of a whirlwind. Declan had met Kirsty at a pub with his mates on a Friday night. He had been pretty unlucky in love lately, and had been miserable because he was single. His mates had taken him out to cheer him up and that was when he had met the rather beautiful and charismatic Kirsty.
Declan had fancied her from the get go, she had beautiful blue eyes and a figure most women would envy with large perfect breasts and a thin waist and beautiful curvy hips. Just Dec's type. He was smitten with her and they started to hang out together, soon enough they were inseparable and spending all of their moments together. They moved in together after three months and Dec was blissfully happy with his new girlfriend.
"There is something I need to tell you" Kirsty said to him one night as she was cooking in the kitchen. Dec was leaning on the door frame swigging from a bottle of beer watching her. Kirsty loved to cook and he loved all the food she made.
"Sounds serious, everything ok?" Declan asked.
"Yeah it's fine but I don't want us to have any secrets Deccy, and I want you to know that I was married" she said.
"What?" Dec stared at her "Kirst, why...well where is he? Your husband? Or ex...he's your ex right?" he questioned.
"Yes, he's my ex. Declan love, he's dead" Kirsty said "Pete died"
"Oh" Dec's face fell "Shit, Kirsty I'm sorry, how?"
"Heart attack, it was a few years ago now, I just wanted you to know" she said. Declan nodded and went over to Kirsty and hugged her tightly. He kissed her and smiled.
"I'm not going anywhere" he said "you've got me for life" he said "that smells bloody incredible what are you making" he asked as he slipped his arms around his girlfriend.
"It is Tikka Masala and I've made some stuffed Naan breads too" she said
"You spoil me"
"I love you" Kirsty kissed him "go on and relax, you've had a long day at work I'll finish up here and we'll cuddle on the couch watching something on Netflix, sound good?"
"Great" Dec smiled and got another beer and sat on the sofa.
He ate through three portions of the curry and two of the stuffed Naan breads He was stuffed and groaned as he rubbed his stomach.
"You ok there?" Kirsty asked him "full?"
"So full....urrrrrrrrrrrrp" Dec belched "that was good but I need to stop eating like that" he said "I'll lose my shape" he grinned and patted his belly.
"Ah, I like a man with a bit of meat on him" Kirsty said "it's nice to cuddle up to someone with a bit of a belly" she chuckled.
"Yeah well there's a belly and there's a fatty" Dec giggled "you wouldn't want me to be a fatty"
"Who said?" Kirsty smiled "you are handsome to me at all times that's what counts" she kissed him and snuggled up to him on the sofa and they watched a movie. Kirsty opened a tub of Roses chocolates and put them near Dec and watched as he absent mindedly started to eat through them. He ate the whole tub. Kirsty smiled to herself, this was just what she wanted, and Dec was playing right into her hands.
As the next few months went by Kirsty continued to cook for her boyfriend, the meals were rich and plentiful and highly calorific. Breakfast was always sugary cereal, a pop tart and six slices of toast lathered in full fat butter. Once the weight began to go on it increased steadily and Dec's little belly began to round out. Kirsty paid a lot of attention to his tummy, rubbing at it and during sex she kissed down his chest and over his bloated stomach.
Dec noticed that he was starting to gain weight, his work shirts were beginning to strain on the buttons and his suit trousers were digging into his sides. Kirsty was sending him to work with fattening lunches that all his mates were quite jealous of but the damage on Dec's waistline was becoming more obvious as days went by.
It was eight months into their relationships that they decided to get married and on their wedding day Declan was weighing in at around 230 lbs which was quite an increase in his regular weight. Declan was not tall he was around 5ft 6 and had very young features. His face had always been quite round and cherubic but he was now softening in his cheeks and his chin. His belly was his biggest asset though and the main site of the fat that had started to gather around his middle thanks to his wife and her love of cooking.
Declan loved to eat the food she cooked and he loved her so didn't want to ever say no for fear of upsetting her. He knew he was gaining, but he was happy, and content and for the first time in a long time he felt like he was really settled. He felt loved and secure and figured that if he got a bit chubby it wouldn't really matter. His Mother was nagging him a little about his belly being a bit wobbly but this was just the beginning, his Mother had no idea what was to befall her son nor what had happened to Kirsty's previous husband. Sure he had died of a heart attack, but the details she left out were that Pete was only 27 and at the time of his death he weighed in excess of 850 lbs.
Kirsty came home from shopping to find Declan lounging on the sofa watching TV while eating a packet of biscuits, he had the crumbs all over his t shirt and his stuffed swollen belly was poking out from under his t shirt. Kirsty smiled and came over to kiss him.
"Got you something" she said with a smile and handed him a bag "your favourite donuts" she said "I love you, how about you eat those and I'll take you upstairs and show you and your cute pudgy belly just how much I love you" Dec got up and took the donuts with him, he lay on the bed and let Kirsty feed them to him as he moaned she kissed him and stroked his taut skin on his full stomach. She got a bottle of whisky and after they made love they drank, but she made sure Dec drank more. He was certainly quite drunk when Kirsty arrived back in the room with a tray full of pastries. He grinned rather sloppily at her and squinted.
"Why've you got them?" he asked, his voice drunken and slurred.
"You" Kirsty said as she held one up "are going to eat them all, my little fatty" she said kissing him and pushing the custard pastry into his salivating mouth.
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hereiam 3 months
More please! smiley
Nice chapter!!!! Declan is really cute when hes mindless
I think you are catering to many different tastes with this one. You are one heck of a storyteller!
TJBHM sorry I guess I cannot cater for all tastes at all times
TJBHM 3 months
I love this story but honestly you ruined it for me with the diaper. Not into that at all.
wayTooThin 3 months
I would not be surprised if her new infant never makes it to school.
fantasyguy 3 months
Woo, really nice.
Sounds like she's got 2 babies though...
When are u writing more of this? Im very curious. No pressure though, just wondering
fantasyguy 5 months
Ooh, very nice - I hope you write more, what you're doing to Dec is so fun
Please write more its so hot when declan is helpless
Please do post more soon! This is fabulous!
I like where this is going. Is Kirsty knocked up? Should be an interesting family dynamic. And does anyone else immediately hear Judas Priest when they read the title?
Pegaz 7 months
Please write more!
hurgon 8 months
nycfeedress 8 months
This is amazing!!
It's rare to find fiction involving being made to eat oneself to death, even if the eater could be argued to have done it himself. I love it. Hopefully Kirsty has learned from her past lovers and will make sure Dec lasts far longer.
SoftPearBoy 9 months
Definitely keep going...
Tommmy 9 months
First two chapters were GREAT!! Please continue soon
avatar making a woman huge. Anyway, keep up the good work.

And sorry about the double post. Forgot about the character limit.
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