lizzie's weight gain journey!

my weight gain journey {1} how it started

Hi I'm Lizzie! This is the beginning of my real experiences of being a bbw. It all started when I was 13, at 122lbs.

"Lizzie, pizzas here!" Mom yelled from downstairs.
"Gtg guys, dinner," I say quickly, I quit my game and throw my headphones off my head, I run downstairs and into the dining room, I see one extra large box of pizza on the table and it had my name on it.
"Lizzie wear some clothes around others! More than just a bra and underwear anyways" Mom moaned, glaring at me as I rolled my eyes, why get dressed when you spend 98% of your day in your room?

Mom wasn't eating pizza, she was eating plain bread with lettuce on the side, she's a model so she can't eat anything nice. Dad put two slices on his plate and said, "Liz, me and mom need to talk, take the box upstairs and watch Netflix while you eat or something," I nod and grab the box, I rush upstairs and throw the box onto my bed and jump on alongside it.

I turn on the TV and lay down, belly on the bed, feet on the pillow, box in front of my face. It smells delicious, I glance at the top of the box and see that the food is from a different pizzaria than the one we normally order from.

"Better be good," I groan, opening the box and smiling as I realise over half the box is full of pizza. I grab the first slice and dig in. I'm starving, I haven't eaten since lunchtime, which was about 6 hours ago. I shove the slice into my mouth and chew as fast as physically possible. I feel the insides of my stomach dance as the hot cheese enters my throat. The pizza is hot and melts in my mouth. I quickly finish the first slice and stuff the next one into my mouth, completely forgetting about the TV I'm so engrossed into eating as fast as possible. Before I know it I've eaten almost the whole thing, not even halfway full, so I thought. As I reach for my fifth one, I stop and realise how full I felt. I didn't care.

I ate the fifth slice slightly slower, but I couldn't stop, how could I stop eating something so good? I moan slightly as I reach for the next one, I was eating slower and slower, and I was well over full, but I wasn't stopping, not anytime soon. My belly starts to hurt and I try laying on my back to ease the pain, I realise how big my belly now looks, looking like a little molehill. I didn't know why at the time, but that excited me, I briskly finished off the last two and I felt good. I felt my belly and listened to the large amount of pizza digesting in my system, I'm stuffed, I lay helpless on my bed, moaning and touching my belly. I laid there for half an hour or so, waiting for the pain to ease and letting out a few belches along the way.

Then I hear the front door slam, and hear some impatient footsteps enter the building. I knew exactly who it was, my twin sister. I heard her march into the kitchen and demand, "Where's the food?"
"Lizzie's got it, and where were you? We called 100 times and you were meant to be back two hours ago! Mom said sternly,
"My phones on silent, and I was at the mall, time flies!"
"You told me you were studying, that's the only reason why I let you go!" Dad shouted angrily
"My bad, now where's Lizzie? I'm dying of starvation, you should have told me food was ready,"
"But you were... nevermind" Mom sighed.

Then I panicked, I heard my sister marching up the stairs and I stared helplessly at the empty box, she came in, not saying a word and just grabbed the box. She looked inside then let out a sound of disgust.
"You didn't leave any for me?!" She screamed, throwing the empty box at my face.
"Mom and dad didn't tell me..." I started,
"Shut up Lizzie! I don't care about your excuses. You fat pig! You ate MY pizza! Don't you look a sight, on your bed with your ugly gut hanging out! I'm telling mom!" She stomped out, fuming. So was I. If I knew the pizza wasn't just mine, I wouldn't have eaten it all! I looked at my gut and smiled though. Her calling me a fat pig kinda made me happy. I enjoyed being called fat and having a fat, heavy stomach.

I heard her complaining to my parents, and I was called down. I won't go into details what happened. But I was banned from going outside, not that I did anyway, and I had to pay for a pizza for my sister. And my dad was cool and didn't say there was over half in the box, it's still our secret til this day. Unless mom's reading this, hi mom!
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What console do you play because if it's ps4 and you play Overwatch I'd love you play with you
dxgg 5 days
Wow a feedee and a gamer sounds too good to be true. Hope i find someone like that. I can certainly relate to quitting the game for diner, but i personally hate eating.
Loving every bit!
Fantastic chapter!
Wowo! Can't wait to read more!
I'm digging it
FA guy 2 weeks
No need to apologize for publishing so fast, it's great to get to read a story and it actually keep going
Amazing work so far, can't wait to see the next chapter. (Please say you punch your sister in the face, can't stand her)
DX20 3 weeks
very interesting story can't wait to read more about your weight gain.
sonic16 3 weeks
Why would your mom read this lol