chapter 1

She sat there, tugging at the smooth rope binding her hands behind her back, but it was useless. She was stuck to that chair, watching as her master prepared her punishment. She had been caught walking around when it wasn't permitted and so the only thing to do was to make sure she wasn't moving for a while. The young woman pressed her lips together, noting the tingle between her thighs as she watched him saunter over, a funnel with tubing in one hand and a almost comically large pitcher in the other.

"You've been a bad bad girl," he chided cooly, a smirk upon his lips as he looked at his helpless little pig. "Open up."

Staring up at the man who had already put close to thirty pounds on her growing body since the day they met, she easily did as she was told. She was completely at his mercy, and just the thought of having someone else completely control when and how much she ate was a turn on for her. She loved feeling helpless and as she parted her plump lips, she accepted the tube, becoming wet between her open thighs as she did so.

"Good, piggy."

Taking in a breath, her heavy chest rising and falling slowly, she watched as he began to pour the fattening shake into the funnel. She didn't have to wait long before the creamy mixture to hit her tongue. It was shockingly sweet and instantly she moaned at the thought of what it would do to her body. Images of her stomach swelling with fat, hanging heavier and heavier with each swallow danced in her mind as she noisily gulped the shake.

'More,' she thought though she couldn't voice her need. Instead, she swallowed mouthful after fattening mouthful as he poured it into her waiting gullet. Before long she could feel it beginning to fill her stomach, the liquid meal rich and heavy. It felt amazing to feel her stomach grow tighter and tighter as she swallowed, taking short quick breaths through her nose in between greedy gulps. Another moan escaped her, pain mixing with pleasure as she was starting to feel very full. She tried to move her hands to rub the swelling dome that currently grew on her thick lap, but was only reminded of the ties binding her hands.

"You're growing quite big, piggy," her master told, his eyes moving to look at her inflating abdomen. "You shouldn't have moved without me telling you."

Tears began to form in her eyes as her stomach reached capacity, but there was so much shake left and so she drank. Gulp after gulp entered her swollen gut, stretching her stomach painfully. She let out a small muffled cry, taking in a sharp intake of breath, her eyes pleading with her feeder.

"No, no. You're going to finish it all," he stated with a shake of his head. "Bad piggies are punished. You're going to take it all."

Her vision quickly blurred as tears filled her eyes, spilling over and rolling down her chubby cheeks as she continued to swallow. The skin on her gut felt tight and itchy as it swelled more and more, and just when she was sure she would burst, he stopped.

"Good piggy." Her master smiled now, clearly satisfied with his work as he removed the tubing and gave her overstuffed abdomen a gentle pat.

With her mouth free from the tube, she let out a groan. She had never been so full in her life. It hurt terribly, but there was still that tingle of pleasure between her thighs, her panties soaked from the experience. Looking down at her stomach, she was shocked by how full and round it looked. The skin was tight and itchy from being stretched so far and she wanted desperately to rub the sore dome currently resting on her thighs.

As if reading her mind, her master came back and smiled down at her. "You held more than I thought you could," he told, pride clear in his voice. He chose well with her.

She watched as he placed a hand on her abdomen and began to rub gently. The touch was more than welcome, drawing out another moan from her -this time one of pleasure as she leaned her head back, realizing that she was so stuffed even the act of breathing was difficult.

"Your belly is rock hard," he commented before giving it a little slap drawing yet another moan from her parted lips. "So full. So beautiful." He looked at his pig now, imagining her hundreds of pounds heavier. She was completely helpless, giving all her power to him. "Just imagine how much more you'll fit later."

That pulled her attention from the pleasure of having her stomach rubbed. Opening her eyes, she looked at him in surprise as the corners of his lips curved up in a wicked little smile.

"You didn't think it was just the one feeding, did you? Oh, no, piggy. A punishment is not a one time thing. No. You're going to sit there until I'm good and ready to let you go. We're going to stretch out that little belly of yours. By the time I let you off that chair, standing let alone walking when not permitted will be a very difficult thing. Remember, you wanted this. Make me your prized pig, you said, and that's just what I'm going to do. Enjoy how thin you are today, because when I'm done with you, you're never going to be able to go back."

His words were calm and smooth like velvet, making her shudder. Just what had she gotten herself into? Looking at her master, she wondered just how big he planned to make her, and the possibilities alone made her tingle with pleasure.

"Yes, master," was all she replied. Completely at his mercy was where she was meant to be.
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There is more to the second chapter, but the site won't let me add it.
Tommmy 2 weeks
Wonderful story! Please continue with soon !!
QuebecFA 2 months
I really loved this story! I can't wait for more! ;-)
girlcrisis 2 months
Oh, you definitely need to write more of this.
plaidNok 2 months
Beautiful, dark, and astoundingly sexy.
Kendally 2 months
Another good story, and I hope you continue it.
By the look of your beautiful pics you have been a very good piggy!