the end of a long day

This short piece is for Emily...
My Queen of the Nile..

Lorraine outdid herself today with her feedings. I ate everything that she put in front of me. I'm painfully quite full. I watch her as she leaves the room carrying some empty plates shaking those massive hips of hers. I've been hypnotized by them since I met her and she knew it from the start.

She comes back in with a dish that has 6 cannolies. She sits in a chair opposite me and those hips spill over the sides. I start to get hard. I can't stand the power that she has over me.

She takes the first cannolie and holds it to my mouth. I protest, I'm so full, she makes a face shakes her head and says "Open" Its no use, I open my mouth and she pushes it in. We repeat this 5 more times. I'm more than full. My belly is hurting and swollen. I've eaten so much today. She gives me a belly rub for a while till I start to belch. Its starting to feel a little better.

After sitting for a while, she says "Its time for bed My Dear". She helps me up from the chair and leads me down the hall to the bedroom. I have my arm around her waist. My hand roams the contour of those hips. She smiles. I'm trapped. She opens the door and leads me to the bed. I lie down she covers me and bends down kisses me goodnight and says "Sweet dreams my Dear". She turns to leave. ,I curse myself that I can't not watch her leave. Again, those massive hips. She shuts the light then the door.

I lay there running all sorts of things thru my head. I met her in a club just over a year ago. I noticed her and her me. She walked over to me and stood in front of me, leaning to one side with one hand on her hip and the other she offered me and said "Lorraine whats yours " Zach I said.

Little did I know what was to come. We dated and I moved in with her within 2 months .Almost from the start came the comments that I was too thin. I weighed 160 pounds.She said that I would look so much better with another 20 pounds on me. I agreed thinking it would be nice at 180. I'd be a big strong guy. She said she could get me to 180 pounds in no time. Why didn't I see the added excitement when she put food in front of me and sat and watched me eat?

She was right about me gaining 20 pounds in no time. I did. But it didn't stop there. Soon it was 40, then at 60 I was 220 pounds. It was then that I started to really fret and I left her. It lasted two days. On my own I found that I couldn't eat normally. I was always hungry and never was satisfied. It was then that I realized that she had cultivated and molded my appetite to immense proportions in such a short time. She had stretched my stomach to the max. I went back to her.

She stood in the doorway upon my return smoking a cigarette. She said "before I let you in, are you going to leave again?" No I said She put out her cigarette and let me in. She forcefed me for two days for being a "bad boy".The feedings contined and now I weigh 260 pounds.
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Really liked it - keep writing!
Loomis31, I've always loved your writing! So sorry that you no longer have those stories from years ago. They were among my favorites on here. Get writing!
loomis31 9 months
A few years back when I was here, I developed an on line friendship with a girl named Emily. She was from Egypt. Hence My Queen of the Nile...
balloon 9 months
Once you start being fed you won't want to stop!