our increasing love

chapter 1- discovering love again

I first met Serena at a concert that my friends were playing. I was in my final year of college, and just taking a break from studying. I had been single for about 3 years at this point and really feeling like no one was ever going to want to date me again, and I was feeling depressed, so I was at my lightest since high school, my 5'11 body weighed in at 165. Serena walked up to me, started talking to me, but I was too stupid to realize she was flirting with me until I got a friend request on Facebook and we started talking and discovered we had a lot of the same interests, needless to say we ended up going on a date and then hooking up afterwards. Nervously she revealed her body; at 5'3 she probably weighed 115 with full c-cup breasts and a little paunchy belly (she really enjoyed drinking beer and it showed) she embarrassingly said "sorry, im a little fat" to which I responded "no way, you're beautiful!" and her face turned... meanwhile I was thinking that she will probably gain so much in this relationship... I was right, but it would come with big surprises to me later!

Later that night, we went to get food and drinks and she introduced me to chicken wings (I know, I don't know what I did before this). I was amazed that a girl would love such a fatty food, my previous girlfriend was always health conscious, did yoga, and when I revealed I like chubbier girls, it was quits for her and me, and she broke it off. Not only did Serena love wings, she ate so many of them, for being so small she packed away 10-12 wings, and since I was still so small I could do 7-8, plus she ate the whole large fries. After that we bought a pack of our favorite beer, which happened to be the most caloric beer in existence, a good double IPA and polished off the whole 12 pack, plus a few more that were hiding in the fridge. The beers alone were enough to fulfill the 2,000 calorie a day requirement, not even counting the various bags of chips and others junk we drank that night. I thought I was in heaven meeting this girl, and it came as no surprise what would happen in the upcoming years.
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@otherland78 thanks for the suggestion... they aren't done gaining yet so I'll add that in the coming chapters.
otherland78 3 months
a nice romantic story but wow they really chubbed up then :-) in the end ^^
but it would have been lovely to read more about the bodychanges some touching , feelings and descriptions of changes :-)during the weight gain ^^ if i may say this