food drunk

chapter 1

Also based on true events sorta? I edited this from the original so it's a bit choppy...

Heather had invited me to dinner with her family at Carrabba's, knowing full well I usually overdid it when it came to Italian food.

When we got our meals, Heather's grandma Joanne turned to me with her eyes wide.

"Are you going to have room for all that?" She asked, gesturing to the plates of pizza, chicken wings, and pasta sitting in front of me.

"Of course. I always have room." I grinned at her as I rubbed my empty tummy over my already skin-tight shirt. I quickly turned to Heather in time to see her nostrils flare in excitement. Her eyes were on me as I lifted the first piece of chicken to my mouth.

And then the feast began.


"Ohh..." I moaned around the last bite of pizza crust in my maw, my eyes rolling back in my head. I'd just finished an entire pizza by myself, after I had already downed several thick slices of buttered bread and half a plate of chicken wings.

I licked the pizza sauce from my lips as I reached for my plate of wings. I felt eyes on me again and turned to see Heather watching me intently. "I'm not slowing down yet, baby~" I smirked at her and took a huge bite of chicken, chewing it noisily in my maw. Even though I had ordered three times as much as everyone else at the table, I was determined not to leave any leftovers on my plate.

By the time the chicken was gone, I was already beyond full. The short sleeved blue flannel I wore - one that was already a size too small - was now threatening to ride up over my swollen stomach. It was hard to breathe with my ill-fitting black slacks digging into my waist and the button felt ready to pop. My belly was so big it hung over my pants and spilled into my lap, completely covering the front of my black belt.

But did all that stop me from eating past my limit? Hell, no.

After I finished the chicken wings, I took a few bites of my spaghetti and meatballs until I was panting with the effort. When the spaghetti was gone, I pushed away some empty plates and slouched against the back of my chair, sighing contently as I patted my stomach.

Joanne turned and gave me another wide-eyed stare. "Aren't you full yet, Itay?" She asked. Her own half-eaten meal was in a styrofoam box in front of her on the table.

"Oh yeah..." I murmured dreamily. "That was a filling meal...but I could definitely go for dessert!" I licked my lips at the thought. I knew that if I ate anymore, I'd be lost in the oblivion of a food coma - and I couldn't be more excited. I wanted everyone to see how much I could eat, and how dopey I acted after I passed my limit and ate far too much. I wanted to show them how much of a greedy pig I was.

I glanced at Heather and winked.

When the waiter came around to offer dessert, I asked for the Chocolate Dream. The dessert was a thick brownie layered with mousse, whipped cream, and of course, hot chocolate sauce. A few bites of the rich brownie alone would be more than enough to push me deeper into a food coma - and I couldn't wait to dig right in.

"Oh, could I have the same thing, please?" Heather piped up.

"Yes, of course." The waiter smiled and gave us a short bow before he rushed toward the back of the restaurant.

I turned to my girlfriend and raised an eyebrow. We usually "shared" a dessert, when she would take one small bite before leaving the rest to me. So why had she ordered such a big dessert for herself? I knew from experience the brownie was huge, there's was no way she would be able to finish it all herself... I grinned and chuckled softly to myself. Which means I'm getting two brownies to eat...

The corner of Heather's mouth curled up in a devilish smirk.

When we got our desserts, I dug my fork into the gooey brownie and languidly pushed it into my mouth. I moaned and panted between every bite and soon attracted the attention of several family members around me.

"Oof," I smiled apologetically and gently patted my belly. "I don't think I can finish that for you..." I said, pointing to Heather's brownie. She had only taken a few tiny bites before she pushed her plate next to mine.

"Aww, sure you can." Heather opened my mouth with her finger and pushed a chunk of brownie inside. "You're gonna finish it all and show everyone how much of a greedy pig you are, isn't that right?" She murmured.

"Ungk - " I grunted when she shoved the brownie between my lips. "Mmm hmm," I nodded as I obediently chewed the decadent treat in my mouth. As soon as I swallowed it down, another bite was pushed into my mouth and I had no choice but to chew it up. I mindlessly accepted each forkful of brownie until her plate was empty.

"Whew," I pushed my palms under the overhang of my belly and groaned at the weight of my big meal. "I'm so full..." I sighed and leaned heavily on Heather's shoulder.

Heather reached up and ran her fingers through my hair. "Now that you're nice and full, are you ready to leave?"

"I'm too full to get up!"
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