bad husband

chapter 1

Stella groans with frustration. 200 pounds the scale reads. She's been keeping to her diet, and working out. A year ago she was 120 pounds at 5 ' 6. Stella steps off the scale with tears in her eyes. She looks at her apple shaped body and pot belly in the mirror. She goes into her bed. Her tall, thin husband, Harry, walks in and says "Tomorrow is your birthday." Stella says "Please don't make a fusI ." Harry asks "Why?" Stella lies and says "I'm not feeling well. I think I'm getting the flu." Harry looks at her face. The look of destroyed self esteem and self confidence. Harry looks at her belly which embarrasses. He pretends to be disgusted to embarrass her. His fantasy is to fatten up a thin obsessed thin woman and make her a insecure fat woman. He is living out his fantasy. The couple go to bed.
The next day, her 28th birthday. Stella wakes up alone in the bed. She is so hot and sweaty. She shouts "Honey ? What happened to be AC ? Harry ?" Stella doesn't hear anything so she guesses nobody is home but her. She takes off her shirt and pants and goes downstairs in her bra and panties to see what's up with the AC. She walks and sees her family and friends. They were to yell surprise but they themselves are surprised. She covers her pot belly and runs upstairs. Harry tries not to smile. This was his plan to embarrass the fatty. Her sister and her bestfriend go up to talk to her.
Bestfriend, Lizzie, knocks on the bedroom door. "Stella, it's me and Gabby. Lizzie and Gabby hears the door unlock. Lizzie and Gabby walk in. Stella is rapped up in the covers Stella says "Everyone saw my disgusting fat body." 160 pounds, 5 ' 6 Lizzie was 130 pounds a year ago before she moved to New York. 110 pounds, 5 '5 Gabby has always been thin. Lizzie said "Look, I got fat myself. I've been too busy to work out and I can't afford healthy food. But that will change, I got fired, I'm moving back to California." Gabby says "Sorry dear." Stella asks "Do you want to stay here until you get back on your feet." Lizzie says "Sure. Sweetie, get dress and come downstairs." Stella says "Okay." After the party, Stella tells her husband "Lizzie will be staying here for awhile." Harry is happy, as he can fatten up Lizzie too.
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plaidNok 2 weeks
Interesting and kinky start. GL