all the fun of the fair

chapter 1

The fairground was busy, lots of people enjoying themselves laughter and screams filling the air as they all rode the rides and played the games. Twenty six year old Declan was on a date with his boyfriend Mike but he wasn't really enjoying himself at the fair, it was loud and noisy and he had a bit of a headache that wouldn't budge.
"Come on sulky" Mike said linking arms with him "what is up with you eh?" he kissed his cheek.
"I'm just tired Mikey, it's been a long week at work and that idiot Matt has been having a go at me all week and teasing me about my height and I just have a headache and..."
"Ok ok!" Mike held his hands up "do you want to go back to the house?"
"Nah, you're enjoying it...look there's a fortune teller, that might be fun"
"You hate all that!" Mike laughed.
"Yeah but I love you and you like all that so I'm willing to give it a go" he said.
"Ok great, thanks Deccy" Mike said as he pulled his boyfriend over to the tent.
The lady "Madam Mystical" started to talk to Mike and tell him all these things to look for in his future. Dec couldn't help but roll his eyes, he thought all this was a load of mumbo jumbo.
"You don't believe" Madam Mystical said turning on Declan "what will make you believe? I will grant you a wish...then you shall believe. Anything you like Declan" she said. Dec thought it was odd she knew his name but wondered if Mike had told her when he hadn't listened. "Go on, wish"
"Anything?" Dec smirked " yeah I'm not that tall I'm pretty short yeah, so I would like you to make me bigger" he said "so so so much bigger" he laughed.
"Done" she smiled and turned her attention back to Mike. Dec rolled his eyes again but sat quietly while Mike had his fortune read.
"Come on grumpy" Mike said putting his arm around his man "lets grab something to eat on the way back home"
"Ok, load of nonsense see. If I'm not 6ft 5 when I wake up tomorrow then we know she's full of crap" he laughed "that kind of cheered me up. Grant me a wish...ok sure" he laughed "sure thing"
Declan and Mike stopped off and had a burger and then went home, a night of sex and some beers resulted in them falling asleep at around midnight.
When Dec woke the next day he could taste the familiar stale beer and knew he'd had a cigarette, he'd passed out without cleaning his teeth. He went to reach down to readjust himself and stopped as his hand seemed to be blocked by something. He opened his eyes slowly and stared down at himself. He was absolutely huge. His once thin stomach that was nicely toned was a huge mound of fat that was split into a double belly. His arms like pillows and his hands were even fat with his sausage like fingers even showing the gains.
"Mike......Mikey" he called out, his breath caught in his chest as he shouted.
"I'm coming Declan love just give me a minute" Mike called.
"Oh God..." Dec gradually managed to sit himself up but felt winded. He stared at his stomach it was covered in thick purple stretch marks. "Mike....what the hell has happened to me?" he asked as Mike came in carrying a cooked breakfast on a tray that would feed six people.
"Happened? What do you mean Declan?" Mike sat down and reached out to rub Dec's belly "is my boy cranky because he's hungry?" he asked with a grin.
"What?" Dec asked "I....I'm fucking huge am I so fat?" he asked.
"Ok now you are being crazy, you've always been like this" he said "now come on, let me feed you" he started to feed him the breakfast and Dec felt hungry he was amazed as he let his boyfriend stuff him. He ate the whole lot and his solid swollen gut was so bulbous that he could barely move. He had Mike help him to dress but his t shirt was too tight and couldn't contain his gut. He moaned as he got off his bed and tried to walk. He could feel his huge ass jiggling in his shorts and his belly swayed from side to side as he waddled out of the bedroom which all of a sudden he realised was now on the ground floor of their house.
"Mike....the room is downstairs?" he asked.
"Yeah, well my little tubby man it's a bit much getting upstairs isn't it" he said patting his gut. Dec wheezed as he walked along and had to stop to fall on the sofa. He caught sight of his reflection and gasped. He must have weighed at least 500 lbs.
"It was that woman" he said suddenly.
"What woman?" Mike asked "Declan what are you on about?" he said "you're being mad"
"That fortune teller last night at the fair!" Dec exclaimed.
"Fair? Declan my love we didn't go to the fair last night. We did a feeding, remember. All that mac cheese going in and making my boy bigger" he said massaging Dec's gut. "Remember the goal Declan, immobile by the end of the year" he said kissing him.
"No" Dec shook his head "no I didn't say that ever" he said.
"Dec, what's got into you? We agreed this when we met on that website"
"Website? We met in a bar" Dec shut his eyes "I'm dreaming"
"No, we met because you wanted a feeder and I'm helping you reach your goal"
"I wasn't fat" Dec said "I was thin...and short" he said.
"Well you're still short, that's why this gut looks so impressive on you" Mike laughed. "But love, I don't know what you're talking about" Mike brought over a photo, it had been on their mantelpiece for years and Dec recognised it but as he took a closer look he couldn't believe his eyes. It was a photo of him with his parents and brother and sister, but in the picture he was huge, but it was taken when he was about 9 years old. His had a huge bloated belly and double chin he was clearly an obese child.
"No" Dec said handing it back "no no no" he felt his belly rumble.
"Is piggy hungry?" Mike asked.
"No I can't be" Dec moaned.
"Wait there" Mike went out of the room and Dec flopped back on the sofa, he felt an odd feeling in his belly and he moaned as he held it and it ballooned under his hands, his arms swelled and he saw his thighs also fill out.
" me. I'm getting bigger!" he yelled "help!"
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ChubRub 4 months
MangaBL 5 months
It's so beautiful!
Can't wait for the next addition
DikkeGert 5 months
mmm back with a new storie. I love all your Declan stories they are dark twisted and i dream to be Declan myself
keep going