jungle village


I had been lost wandering the jungle, most likely in circles, when I stumbled up on tiny, remote village.

As though I'd been expected, the inhabitants--mostly plump women, I noticed--began to treat me as though I was an honored guest the moment one of the village women saw me stumble in on my splinted broken ankle. The quench my thirst after three days of drinking sickening rainwater collections, I was immediately given a large delicious sweetened coconut milk; handed a large hot bowl of a very rich, meaty stew to devour; my filthy clothes were gently removed by the women while I ate and drank my fill; and I was bathed by several attending women the largest iron cauldron I had ever witness, filled with soapy, steaming water. Once patted dry by the cooing village women, my scratches and cuts were cleaned and salved.

I helped to a small bamboo hut by one of the younger women who splinted my ankle and indicated to me by gesturing that I should rest up, heal, and eat and drink to restore my strength. The woman must have been about 19 or 20 years of age, and though not as overly well-fed as the older women who'd cared for me on my arrival, she carried the same large, oversized breasts not unlike that which I'd seen on over-fed pub women I'd seen in any number ports I'd visited--women who knew not a moment without food and who thus placed it in their mouths continuously. Her breasts were entirely uncovered as was the belly that protruded in front of her by several inches and her jiggling legs and buttocks. The only part of her that was covered--and it was barely covered--was her female genitalia and this was covered by a small loin cloth tie around her fleshy, plump waistline with a cord.

As my ankle healed during the ensuing days, it seemed as though the village women came to the small hut in an endless queue carrying trays of jungle delicacies and a succession of bowls of the rich, meaty stew for me to eat. I had a choice of things to drink, either the wonderful, sweetened coconut milk or a kind of a heady, dark ale. Both of the drinks were delicious and I became nearly addicted to both of them. Since the women encouraged me to eat and drink by constantly pantomiming that I should be doing both, they seemed pleased to bring me what seemed an endless supply of both drinks, I asked for more and more and drank each both continuously all day.

Delicious though they were, both of the drinks I could not stop from pouring down my throat tended to have interesting effects on my physical being. Both the sweetened coconut milk and the ale tended to expand my middle region with a kind of delicious bloat.

Given the gallons I was drinking each day of each of these wonderful drinks, after but a few days my stomach had grown quite enlarged, hard, and balloon-shaped. I'd never had sufficient wealth to make myself into a fat man--though I had often dreamed of being rich if only to stuff myself with wonderful food and drink until I could but waddle myself into town in my home port making all the underfed villagers jealous--so I found myself often sitting or lying, stroking my hard belly, and reveling in how big I was growing and the lazy comfort in which I was living.

Another interesting effect one of the two drinks had on me--I was not sure which one as I was drinking both down quite lustily--was that I developed a burning desire for the plump women that surrounded me with a lust and passion I had never experienced before.

One of these two delicious drinks, perhaps the ale, was increasing my appetite. No sooner had I stuffed myself at one meal that I began to crave my next meal or feeding, due to be set in front of me very shortly. When the next meal would arrive, I would hungrily gobble it down and await another.

Though no expert in anatomy or physiology, I knew enough to understand that the combination of my large, near-constant meals and my drinking such great amounts of the sweetened coconut milk and the ale facilitated the expansion of my stomach organ and that my capacity to eat and drink was increasing with each new meal.

Oh, I was swiftly growing into a very fat man, indeed, lying on my cot in leisure and lethargy.

After several days, I began peering out the small window above my make-shift cot. With the exception of a few wizened old men--tribal elders from the look of them--and small number of boys and young men from the age of toddler to maybe 20 odd years of age, the village was entirely populated by the plump women.

No one, no matter their sex or age, wore a stitch of clothing beyond loin cloths covering the genitalia. As such, it was very easy to see that, to an individual, all of them we either quite well-fed or exceedingly corpulent. How inhabitants of a remote village found enough sustenance to allow themselves to grow fat-or to feed me up in such a way that I had attained my current size--was a perplexing curiosity. I wrote it off to their being excellent hunter-gatherers.

At first I was repulsed by observing the jiggling bellies and bouncing breasts of the women as they entered the small hut, but then I began to appreciate it and enjoyed watching them--particularly the younger ones--as they entered and left my hut, observing their fleshy buttock move about as they walked away.

I began to find the young woman who first helped me to my hut irresistible, largely due to the wonderful beverages making me so horny. She must have noticed my attentions towards her as she began to come to my hut with food and drink more frequently than any of the other women who carried in my meals. Between my continual feedings, she would deeply message all of the large muscles found on the back of my body as I lay on my round belly while my manhood grew turgid between my loins. She would flip me over, see the massive erect manhood she had created, massage the muscles located at the front of my body, the rub and tug my penis until ecstasy consumed me.
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Love the idea of being fattened by island women, weighed, measured, belly evaluated, poked to see if I am tender enough then boiled in the pot!
Pig farmer 2 weeks
Native cuisine can be very . . .erm, 'interesting'. smiley Please do continue - the girls have to eat, after all.
Can't wait for this to be continued. I hope he gets surrounded and teased, poked and pinched by all the thinner young ladies excited by just how fat he's getting. Ouna should get teased too, for letting herself get a little too plump.
Plumply45 2 weeks
Please let this fattened piglet be prepared by the local chef--hung up and sliced into plump chunks for the pot!
fatlilboy 2 weeks
Please continue - love it indeed. Only you know the rest of the story.
Wondefully written...a cautionary tale ;-)