the contract

chapter 1

For the past number of years, I had fantasised about dating a girl who would put on a few hundred pounds over the course of their time together. Ralph is my name and I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, Jess, about a month ago. I had been open with her about his kinks, and they had even tried it out in the bedroom a few times, but the connection was never there. During our time with her, I felt flat, sexually and mentally. Sure, I loved her for a good portion of the relationship, but having that gap in my sexual identity contributed to feelings of longing for something kink related.

I'm not a huge guy, I stand at around 5'11", an average build, brown hair and blue eyes, someone who could blend into a crowd as a default guy. I've always loved eating and pride myself as somewhat of a critic of those dive bar burger joints. As far as career goes, I work at a dead end office job running reports for a shipping company, which keeps me firmly seated on my butt most of the day. I'd say before I started this job, I weighed around 160lbs, but have since put on 10lbs from the inactivity the job demands.

Towards the end of my relationship with Jess, I begun to fantasise about being fattened up by a much larger woman. I tried and tried to get back into the usual masturbation routine of the odd rapid weight gain fantasy or dating a fat girl with a huge appetite that grew bigger and bigger. But, no matter how much I tried, I always found myself orgasming while thinking of being the one to end up fatter in a relationship or encounter. After the break up, weeks of this fruitless routine continued, I gave in and began to entertain the idea of gaining and started seeking it out in the online Feedist communities.

I was never a fan of the Feedist community. Not out of experience, more out of trying to focus on social norms of sexual interest. However, since being single, my urges to see these fattening fantasies come to fruition got the better of me. I just couldn't shake the idea of being softer, being able to eat much larger quantities of food and having someone to share that with. Eventually, I signed up to a few body positivity and fat forums, the odd fat dating site and made a Tumblr to document my gain and motivate myself with following blogs of other guys gaining weight and the odd female Feedee blog.

It would be a few weeks before I made a connection with someone. Most Feeders and mutual gaining women who were of my size preference tended to either be in relationships already or were long inactive. Then one night, a notification from Tumblr popped up on my phone. "Hey piggy, are you there?". I opened the notification, maximising the app. The user's name read FFA-Sally. FFA was a term I wasn't familiar, so I decided to google it before continuing. After multiple searches, mostly coming up with 'Free for all', I found a kink blog that mentioned Female Fat Admirer. "Not a fan of staying in shape I see?" another message popped up. "Hey, I'm Ralph, how are you?" he quickly replied as I started browsing her blog. "Good now that I found a boy to fatten up in my state ;)", she messaged getting straight to the point.

I quickly found out that Sally was a slim girl, maybe a few inches shorter than me. She had long black hair, green eyes and a mischievous smile in most of her photos. I'd never even thought about flirting with a thin girl before, but something about her abruptness felt worth the exploring. "Oh, you're a Feeder?" I typed in response, "I thought FFAs just liked fat guys?" "Well, I love really big guys, but some have to start somewhere, you know? Kind of like you, hehe" she said as I thoughts raced through my mind. Would this be the person to make me fatter? How much fatter was a 'really big guy'? I needed to know.

"So, have you been gaining long?" sally asked. "Not yet, I'm kind of new to gaining, I've always been a Feeder, but lately I can't stop thinking about if I were to get fatter", I confessed. "Good, because you definitely need to add another couple of hundred pounds to your body, piglet" she pressed. A couple of hundred? That would mean I'd end up at least 370lbs. I couldn't stop thinking about being that size. "Where abouts are you from?" I asked, remembering seeing mention of the same state in her Tumblr profile. "Deer Park, you?" she responded "Sunshine, not far from each other, are we?" "We could take advantage of that distance, you know?"

We ended up spending the rest of the evening chatting away, finding interests we both, learning more about each other. Most conversations with women in the community up until this point had been dry and didn't really go anywhere, but with Sally, they seemed to keep the conversation moving quite quickly. Although she seemed quite extroverted, she spent a lot of her time at home baking cookies for her work mates and binge watching TV shows on Netflix. "Wow, I love that show too!" I replied to the discussion of shows on Netflix. "Could you be any more perfect?" she questioned. I didn't know what to say, "I'm alright, I guess, but you're really cool, I've enjoyed talking to you tonight" "Me too" she said, leaving an air of awkwardness.

Feeling a little brave, I asked Sally for her phone number. Half-expecting her to dance around the question, I was surprised when she just handed it over. "Just a warning, guys who have spent time with me in the past have put on quite a bit of weight." "I don't think that will be much of an issue, haha" I responded. "We'll talk in the morning, piglet :)" she closed the conversation. "Sure, looking forward to it, night" I replied.

I laid on my bed feeling giddy, everything was so wonderful talking to her. That night I fell asleep thinking of what our first encounter could be like. But, at the same time I had a pit in my stomach telling me to keep my cool and not to expect things to go as I felt they were heading until we had made plans to meet.
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Bbman26 1 week
When's more coming?
RunningMan 2 weeks
very well written
taco 2 months
please... im going to die if you dont do more.
jktab 2 months
Saitamatech 3 months
More please!!!!
fatlilboy 3 months
You are a talented writer. So intrigued by this story and the dynamic between feeder and feedee/feeder.
feedher3000 3 months
Wow!! Awesome story! I love the gentle domination!
Enplumpen 3 months
Chapter 1 has been rewritten as a lead up to what it was before, with Chapter 2 having that previous plot, updated for a new writing style.
Enplumpen 3 months
All good feedback, I'm thinking I might flesh it out a bit more later, before heading into the next chapter. Thanks folks.
Built4com4t 3 months
ditto way too nice to have some backstory, like her motivation, experience. also some idea what they look like, where they are, etc. good start tho
Badhansel 3 months
Nice start - can't wait for future installments!
wayTooThin 3 months
Nice start. How did they meet? Is he her first feedee? It feels like she is in control
Enplumpen 3 months
This will be an ongoing story. So do expect more on how he grows much bigger and how she makes him get there.