400 and mobile to 600 and immobile

chapter 1

Age 19 - 400 pounder

A few months after becoming 19 years of age I hit 400. I was so exciting about it. I was so out of shape and losing mobility. I could walk but it was waddling. On my big 4 double o I was dating this girl nicknamed Frankie. It was a few weeks old relationship. She was a freaky ass white girl with dreadlocks close to 300. She was a smoker like me. She also did weed like me. Loved her smoker's kisses. My shape being a PCOS girl was of course an apple. D sized breasts. Belly bigger than breasts. My belly was larger than a nine months pregnant lady's belly. Frankie was more pear shaped.
I was living at my parents at the time. They were out. I mentioned to her my big 4 double feat I weighed days earlier. She was all concerned and telling me my weight was getting out of hand. I mentioned the hypocrisy of hearing those words from a smoker. Things got uncomfortable so I just put my tongue in her mouth. I pinned her down on my bed. She then did what I was hoping she did. She overpowered me and pinned me down. The kissing got loud and drippy. We then did 69. She was rougher than the last time. Our sex has been getting rougher each time and I was hoping it would get to the point of BDSM. So we of course started smoking tobacco. I showed her this thing where I lit the lighter having a large flame and I purposely burned one of my finger. She was worried I was laughing. I told her that was hot. She looked at me looking puzzled. I mentioned to her that I want her to tie me up and spank me next time we do it. She agreed though looking nervous. I stood up to get my weed stach. I knew she was looking at my ass as it was packed in my shorts. I was of course not wearing underwear. I put some blunts on the bed. I was breathing heavier just from that simple task. She's all concerned again which was sweet in an annoying way. We lit up some blunts. Well high we raided the fridge because of the munchies. I don't remember much of that time. My next memory of cleared headedness I was on my bed with her. I went to hug her but she resisted me. Her face didn't look right. She asked about the things I said which I wasn't very keen on. She then asked things like why I want to destroy my health. I didn't want to fight with her so I just calmly explained some of my kinks. She seemed confused. She got quiet. I wasn't sure if our relationship would survive my honestly.
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QuebecFA 2 weeks
You are so sexy! Congratulations on breaking the big 6-0-0! ;-)
fatlvr70 2 weeks
It probably didn't last did it?
SS_FA 2 weeks
Very articulate, amazing writing.