"your weight gain fantasies realized"

how are our patients coming along?

"How's the woman in Room 5 doing?"

Nicely, now. About a month ago, she suddenly refused to eat or drink, but then we started her on an IV to prevent dehydration. We increased the sugar in the IV and pumped in some mega B vitamins and, combined, the two seemed to have really woken up her appetite. She's eating on her own now--and very hungrily I might add. She's consuming...let me check here...about 6500 calories and day. That, combined with not much exertion, has given her a net gain of...45 pounds. And growing each day, mind you.

"Excellent. The sugar IV with the vitamins seems to be the magic formula. And the young woman in Room 2? How about her?

"She's doing amazingly. Want to come take a look?"

"Sure, let's walk down there."

"Now, remember that she's in the auto-stuffer room. That's what she wanted for her specific program. The thing is, she reached a point where she started eating so much that the auto-stuffer couldn't keep up. We had to supplement what she was getting by delivering food to her regularly. She's in for another two weeks, and should be just past her goal of 375 pounds. Some guy called last week asking that we "leave a little room" for him. I guess she and he have a feedee/feeder thing going. But she came to us and signed up for this program. Now mind you, she was already well on her way when she arrived...let's see here...yeah, she was 265 pounds on arrival and wanted to reach 375. She's managed to gain all but that last ten pounds in under 6 months, and, if she stays the full remainder of her time, she might be close to 400 pounds when she's released. She has fattened up quite nicely."

The two men in the white doctor's coats peered through the glass in the door into the luxury room complete with king bed, desk, lamps, a small galley, bathroom, designer decor. In a reclining loveseat sat (laid) an enormous woman of about 32 years. She wore an un-constructed bra made for lounging and a pair of panties that had rolled down beneath her enormous belly and indented her meaty hip flesh. She had on a bathroom but it was untied and thrown open. Her choice of clothing was no doubt for comfort as most of the fattest parts of her were free and in the open, unencumbered. She was watching tv and literally shoving buttered popcorn into her mouth. She turned to look at the two men and her fat, grease-covered cheeks broke into a huge smile. She waved at the two men, pointed down to her vast girth, looked back at them again with another big grin, and gave them a thumbs-up. She had consumed the popcorn placing the empty bowl on the nearby table, and was inserting a whole eclair in her mouth lengthwise. Four more eclair sat on a chilled platter waiting to be similarly consumed.

"Another satisfied customer, clearly," said one of the two white-coated men.

"And you know, for the gainers who are making goal, growing according to specs, etc., we bring in Stud Muffin."

"'Stud Muffin!?' What in hell is a stud muffin?"

"Not a 'what,' Doctor, a 'who.' And that's just what we call him as his real identity is not known, really. Only the folks in corporate HQ know his name. Anyway, he comes in every few days and fucks the ones who are basically fattening up on plan. He's some guy with a really big cock, who looks like a Magic Mike dancer, and loves to fuck fat women. He feeds them, too, sometimes. The women are crazy about him."

"And how about those who are in the second phase of the program?"

"Eh, not so good, really. Not good overall or individually."

"Specifics, please."

"They're really not getting all that weight off with any modicum of success, to be honest. One of the women--she's been here about three weeks--she came to us in Phase I to attain a weight of 300 pounds and to keep it for a six-month period. She completed Phase I weighing in at 305--you know, they often go home having gained a bit more weight than they originally bargained for, so to speak. When she returned after 6 months for Phase II, the slim-down phase, she was teetering at just under 375, having gained another 70 pounds on her own, back home. We inquired as to what happened and she said she was never happier, met some guy who fell in love with every pound of her and started stuffing her with anything and everything she asked for, screwed her brains out three time daily, etc. Bliss, Doctor. That's what she called it, 'bliss.'

"Hmmm. That won't do. Our corporate name is riding on the promise that if you want to become as fat as your wildest fantasies for a limited time, we'll get you up to that weight and then help you take it off, too. If we can't get Phase II to work, we're in trouble."

"Yeah, I get it, but it's like once they eat all that food all day for months on end, and get pampered and indulged, and they get big and fat, and Stuf Muffin comes in every few days and makes them come three or four times, they don't want anything else after that."

"Okay, and what about that woman sent over by that prince from somewhere."

"Perfect. She'd doing great."

"So, she's losing the weight?"

"Nope. She's gained about 14 pounds this week alone."

"What do you mean? She was sent back to us to do Phase II."

"Apparently the prince changed his mind. Said he liked her that fat and missed her and wanted her to be fed to, let's see her chart here, 500 pounds. Apparently, he's told her he'll make a gift of her weight in gold when she gets back to wherever she's from. Little does he know she passed the 500 mark two weeks ago! He's going to be paying out a lot of gold when she gets back!"

"Well, that works for us, right?"

"Sure does. And then we have our volunteer cases. Man, I never dreamed so many women wanted to have carte blanche to eat until blow up like balloons. You'd never know it by the advertising you see on tv and in magazines telling women and everyone else for that matter that women need to be skinny rails. Anyway, the outpatient volunteer program has put nearly 1,000 women through the regiment and has 150 on it at this time for a cumulative weight gain in excess of 100,000 pounds. If we were to open more centers like the four we currently have running, we'd sure have a lot of nice, big, fat women running around."

"That's precisely the idea..."
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Brilliant story and that show My name is Earl was one of my favorites
Pig farmer 2 weeks
Love the role-play between Marie and her husband. Also the whole concept of a structure set up to fatten women. smiley Guess it reminds me of the farm where I work. smiley
azerty 2 weeks
LevelUP 2 weeks
Please continue it's another sort of story in this site and i loooove that *.* thank u for that smiley
conJohn 2 weeks
Really cool and unique concept you've laid out here. It would be interesting to see a character that comes back for phase two hoping to loose the weight but eventually learns the truth and struggles to realize she isn't just tourist in her fat body.
karenjenk 2 weeks
I really like this. I would like to see some slower and more detailed growth about one or two people. And/or maybe someone who is dared or blackmailed to be at this place.
Thanks v. much for the input. Truly.
Will sketch out some future chapters using your great idea and get them fleshed out--pun intended.
fatlantis 2 weeks
Ah, it cut me off. Anyway, great start!
fatlantis 2 weeks
I second Saitamatech. I think this is a wonderful intro but could really benefit from a narrower focus moving forward.

Maybe even multiple subplots, each chapter focusingon a different character, each character representing another section of this pla
Really good! Do you want a newbie to experience weight gain? Do you want to have an employe be gaining weight too? Or do you want to provide the first person for stud muffin. It's up to you.