anything for you

chapter 1

It was junior year when Lynn had noticed a change in her friend, Anne. Though Anne was never skinny she always maintained a sort of goddess like body- something she was immensely proud of- she never could be considered chubby. That was, at least, until she had returned to campus after a much needed summer vacation. Her once pale, toned legs now thickened and jiggled slightly with each step, her cheeks had lost their strong structure and now gave her a softer more cherubic aesthetic. Her belly was the most noticeable difference, sophomore year it had been flat with maybe the beginnings of something but as she walked to greet Lynn it bounced with each step, slightly peeking out from the bottom of her shirt in a almost blinding strip of pale skin. If Lynn were a weaker person she would have fallen to her knees before the girl before her.

"Babe!" , said in a completely platonic way but still managed to cause Lynn's face to redden with embarrassment, "Ah I've missed you, I can't believe we spent the summer apart!" Anne pulled Lynn into a tight hug, the latter taking the opportunity to revel in her friend's recent gain.

"I know, I know. I missed you so much" Lynn returned the embrace, wrapping her arms around Anne's waist- attempting to keep it the most platonic "just girls being friends" hug she could manage.

Perhaps their exclamations of yearning were a bit overdone as the two had never gone a day without talking to one another, but the sentiment was still true. For Lynn, not having Anne around in person was always a uncomfortable thing to bear, and she hoped that Anne felt the same way about her. The two had been inseparable friends since freshman year, it wasn't until latter the following year did Lynn's feelings for her friend begin to take a more romantic turn. She often said she'd do anything for Anne.

"Lynn," there was a hand in her face waving impatiently, "are you even listening?"

Lynn, who had been lost in thought stammered, face red, stammered through her response. "Ah I'm sorry, I was just thinking"

"Okay, anyway I was saying we should probably head up." She gestured towards the large apartment building behind Lynn, her slightly bothered expression morphed into a saccharine smile, "if you hurry I'll even let you cook dinner and dessert." Usually Lynn would be ecstatic to be given the chance to prove her self worthy in terms of culinary endeavors but the idea of Anne sitting down and eating- something that previously went unnoticed to her, now caused her mouth to dry and water in a way that Lynn vaguely considered it a medical mystery.

Too far into the recesses of her mind, deep in thought over the increased waistline of her friend, Lynn allowed herself to be dragged to their shared apartment. Following behind Anne allowed her friend a glorious front row seat to the beautiful artist pieces that were her thighs and ass. Up five flights of stairs- the elevator hasn't worked since they moved there- each step magnified the hypnotic dance of fattened thighs jiggling and rubbing together as her friend aptly watched while trying to avoid stumbling.

When they had made it to their floor Anne's face was beet red from exertion, she brushed her exhaustion off as "being out of practice" as she had spent months without climbing those stairs, rather than the weight she had so obviously gained over the break.

Lynn paid no mind to that though, well she tried. The young woman rushed herself into the small kitchen to busy herself with cooking, she planned to make spaghetti seeing as how it was her friend's favorite. The noodles were in their pot beginning to soften when from Anne's room (or Lynn's room since the two would often share a bed) Lynn could hear her name being whined out. Follow the sound to its source Lynn found Anne lying on her bed, shorts unbuttoned and shirt liftrd up above belly button.

"Lynn," Anne's voice had the characteristics of a sick child begging their mom to stay home from school, "baby, I know I said you could cook tonight but can we just order a pizza or something?" Her small hazel eyes looking up at her roommate in a way reminiscent to those commercials with the kittens looking sadly into the camera. "I'll let you cook tomorrow if it makes you feel better" she smiled, and despite her childish urge to complain and say that it doesn't make her feel better, Lynn sighed before smiling down at her friend, her dark brown eyes filled with admiration in spite of the slight annoyance she would bury down and later forget.

"Yeah, totally. What kind of pizza do you want?"

"You know what I like" was her only reply as she turned onto her side away from Lynn to distract herself with her phone.

Lynn, the younger of the two, didn't bother to ask for a clarification of what her friend meant. She had already been subjected to the confusing conflict that would have been that conversation, instead she walked back into the kitchen-albeit somewhat bitterly- and turned off the stove while moving the pan and other items off of the heat. Ordering the pizza she decided that two simple large cheeses would suffice, if she ordered extra in the hopes that her friend would be convinced to consume more then that was between Lynn and herself. She wondered what it would be like to see Anne stuff herself silly, to see her newly formed chubby belly grow as she filled her self with food.

The thought of Anne, who once had a body that many girls would kill for, stuff her face with fattening foods without a care for her weight and expanding waistline made Lynn shiver with anticipation. Even with her crush on Anne and her, for lack of better word, fascination with bigger people, Lynn never saw her two favorite things coexisting together. Yet here she was leaved against a small counter, cellphone gripped tightly by clammy hands, fantasizing over her best friend of three years growing fatter and fatter. She was flushed with arousal, she wanted nothing more than to go into Anne's room and bury her head between her friend's soft thighs while her hands mapped out the newly expanded area of her belly. She wanted to poke at the budding love handles and muffin top. She wanted to squeeze all the new fat, see how soft Anne's new body was. She wanted-

Her thought was cut off by the sound of her love shuffling into the kitchen. If Anne's outfit when they met up earlier made Lynn flustered, the tiny sleep shorts and two sizes to small tank top Anne was wearing made Lynn consider forming a religion.

Lynn was sure that Anne was saying something to her but all she could focus on was the strain her new weight was putting on that tank top and how her belly was beginning to hang slightly over her shorts. The pale white skin was so mesmerizing all she wanted to do was touch it, of course she didn't want to break some unspoken boundary between them so she refrained.

She would have asked her friend to repeat what she had said, despite the lecture on rudeness and the importance of listening Lynn knows she would have had, if the soft knock at the door wouldnt have interrupted her. And almost as if doing a complete 180 Anne's stern expression fades into a excited grin as she looked at her friend with almost nothing but childish glee and hunger in her eyes as she spoke, "pizza's here!"


Authors note ( likely stuffing in next chapter. Not sure how often I'll update )
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Great start! I actually really like the emotional part of this story. How close Lyn and Anne are, and how much the former cares for the latter, beyond just lust. But of course, descriptions of weight gain and stuffing are great too!
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