she can't stop eating

chapter 1

Angel struggles to walk. The 600 plus pounder with an apron belly and double Ds is gasping for air and sweat is pouring down her. She is trying to get a little exercise. Her knees and back are killing her. She is in so much pain. She then sit as she feels as if she is going to to pass out. Depressed that she eat herself to this point. Her only family is her younger sister Amy. Amy herself has a weight problem being a 400 plus pounder. Angel is 28 years of age and Amy is 25. Their mother died at 40 from diabetes.
Amy comes in the room after a walk. Angel tries to talk but she is too out of breath. Amy gets Angel some water. Angel is complaining about her size. Complaining about how her knees and back hurt. How fat she is. How hard it is to diet and exercise. Amy hugs her sister. Angel starts to cry. "I don't want to end up like mom. I'm scared I can't stop eating" says Angel. Amy starts to cry as well. She gives her sister words of encouragement. Amy wipes Angel's tears.
Fast Forward to this evening. Amy is out on the town and she is hungry. Amy is trying to resist temptation. Angel will smell any food on her. At home the battle against temptation is going on as well. Angel struggles to walk to the kitchen and she opens the fridge. A lot of healthy food. Angel takes out several containers and starts even the cold food. She cries as she does it. Not even cold food she dislikes she can't resist. Meanwhile Amy is having an experience which is odd for her. A man is flirting with her. Athletic and tall. A man Amy can't believe is talking to her. When Amy comes smiling her mood immediately sours as she sees Angel in the kitchen with empty food containers. "Oh no" says Amy. Angel looks like she has been crying so Amy hugs her.
Fast forward a few days Amy walks to her front door after her date with the guy she met. Alan asks if he can come in. Amy is embarrassed for him to see her sister. "My sister is not a well woman and she doesn't like people" says Amy. Alan speak sweet nothings which changes her mind. Amy tells him the truth about her sister and he says he would like to meet her. Amy let's him in. Angel is laying down and she yells about Amy for bringing someone home. She would preceed to cover herself in shame. Alan the sweet talker says nice words to Angel calms her down. Saying it's nice to meet her Alan says he should go. After Alan leaves Angel is still upset with Amy. "He is the first guy who ever showed interest in me. Please don't be mad. Be happy for me" says Amy. "How can you say that? I'm too fat for any man to show interest in me so stop bragging you jerk. You embarrassing me by letting him see me" says Angel. Angel gets more upset when she smells pizza on Amy. "He was telling me that this new pizza they had at pizza hut and I couldn't resist" says Amy. Angel reminds Amy about her cholesterol problem and Amy promises to do better.
The next date Amy is resisting Alan's suggest for McDonalds and insists he takes her to a vegan place. While the couple eats he asks several questions about Angel. He insists on meeting her again and Amy with apprehension agree. This time she calls Angel on the phone before bringing over Alan. After the date when Alan and Amy gets there Angel is laying down in her living room. Alan talks to her and Angel actually haves a conversation with him. Amy can't believe Angel is actually having a conversation with someone who is neither family nor a healthcare worker. Alan looks happier talking to Angel than Amy. Amy usually feels sorry for Angel but today for the first time she is jealous. Half their date Alan talks about Angel and now he is looking so happy talking to her.
Fast forward the next day Amy comes home to find Alan there and Angel with an empty box of doughnuts. "What's going on ?" asks Amy. "Alan brought over cake and doughnuts for me" says Angel. Amy takes Alan to the over room and whisper angrily. "I told you about her health and what happened to her mother. What's wrong with you ?" says Amy. "I just wanted her to like me. She is your only family and I just wanted to get along with her. I'm sorry" says Alan.
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QuebecFA 5 days
I really love this story! Will there be a Chapter 2? :-)