chapter 1

:If I could, I would feed you like a hog every waking second of every day until you were the fattest woman on earth.On your first day, I'd lead you to your new home, a room with a specially designed high-weight-capacity bed. You'd strip naked, as you'd soon be too fat for all your clothes. In fact, you'll soon be too fat even to leave this room. With that, the food will arrive, calorie-laden versions of all your favorite dishes, enough for an army--but it's all for you. And you will begin your new job: eating until you're too full to move, feeling like your gut is about to burst open.You greedily eat until your belly resembles a beach ball, packed tight with thousands of calories worth of tasty treats. You look nine months pregnant with twins. However, this is the smallest your gut will ever be again, because, from now on, you will only cease eating to sleep or fuck me (but you can eat during sex if you want).Barely able to move, you waddle to the bed and lie down. You're overjoyed to discover a feeding tube is close by, and as you recline, you suck down pints of fattening, creamy weight gain shake. You eventually fall asleep looking full-term pregnant with quadruplets, but not until you've had your belly rubbed and fucked me. This is one of the last times you'll be small enough to be on top.As soon as you awaken, you resume your feeding at the tube until the morning's buffet arrives. And so, the pattern continues: feasting at the buffet before relaxing with an endless stream of tube-fed dessert, accompanied by belly rubs and sex several times each day.It doesn't take long before your perpetually-pot-bellied, but slender frame begins to grow soft all around. Your thighs and tits swell, streaked all-over with dark stretch marks. Your ass cheeks soften and balloon. I have so much more to rub. Soon, you're quite chubby, with rolls of creamy fat on your arms, legs, and back that jiggle over the short walk from bed to meal.As more weeks pass, your pussy disappears beneath a massive, sagging belly. Your belly button grows deep enough to fuck. Your thighs wobble and rub, and your bloated tits stretch out and over your huge gut. Your face doubles, then triples its chins. Getting up gets harder each day, and you're soon too heavy to straddle me, though the pleasure your new fat gives you (and me) is ten times greater.After a few more weeks of struggling to heave your fatness over to the table, even this short trip becomes too much work for your massively obese body, and you lie down for the last time. From here on out, you feed from the tube nearly twenty hours a day, soon becoming a completely immobile blob of fat. Your belly grows vast enough to house several full-grown adults, with each of your tits looking like 15 gallon water balloons.Soon, your body fills the entire bed, but you only grow greedier with your feedings, making sure the machine is set on high at all times. You've grown so out of shape, you can barely manage to speak, but you still moan weakly each of the dozen times a day I pleasure every inch of you.As your fat begins to spill over the edges of the bed, your body reaches your goal weight of 2,000lbs and you celebrate by cranking the feeding machine to 11. For several days, your belly rises slowly to the ceiling, filled with a swimming pool's worth of gainer shake. You break every known eating record.As you orgasm with unparalleled fullness, your belly bursts, and you die in ecstasy--the fattest woman in human
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