wife forcibly fattens wife

chapter 1

The night started off like the end of a normal day of a normal happy life. Melissa and Lisa have been married for 2 months after dating for a year. Both are tall slender African American women. Melissa is a software dissigner and Lisa stays at home.
They are making out naked in the bed. "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you" whispers Melissa. Lisa does it. She waits and then she feels Melissa handcuffs her hands to the bedhead. Lisa opens her eyes. "What's going on ?" asks Lisa. "Hold on" says Melissa. Melissa leaves the room to and returns carrying a huge bag of food. "We're going to get fat" says Melissa. "Huh ?" asks Lisa. Melissa goes into the closet and pulls out a gun. Lisa screams. "Is that real ?" asks Lisa. "What do you think ?" replies Melissa. "This isn't funny" says Lisa. "I'm not wearing a red nose nor huge shoes" says Melissa. Melissa puts the firearm on the dreaser and takes out a cheesecake out of the bag and she attempts to feed Lisa. Lisa initially resists but Melissa pointed to the gun so Lisa eats it. Melissa keeps feeding her all kinds of food. When her tummy is stuffed and bulging because of food she resists eating again. "Please. I'm full" says Lisa. "Good girl" says Melissa. "Why are you doing this. I love you. I'm your wife. Don't you love me ?" says Lisa. "I love you which is why I'm fatten you up babe. Well goodnight" says Melissa. Melissa takes her weapon and bag of food. "Are you going to leave me like this ?" asks Lisa. "What do you think ?" asks Melissa. Melissa leaves and turns off the light. Lisa pants in panic as it sinks in that this is really happening. She tries to pull herself out of this but it's no use. Lisa starts to cry.
Fast forward to morning. Melissa returns with her weapon and bag of food. She is dressed in a dominatrix outfit and smoking. Lisa is there laying in a puddle of her own urine. "I didn't know you smoked ?" asks the exhausted Lisa. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me my love" replies Melissa. Melissa goes on top of her. "What are you going to do to me ?" asks a panicking Lisa. Melissa feels up Lisa's flat tummy. "This will be a fat soon enough" says Melissa. "Why do you want to make me fat and ugly ?" asks Lisa. "I'm going to make you more beautiful my love" says Melissa. "Melissa please. I peed myself. I need to get clean up" pleaded Lisa. Melissa puts out candy. "Time for breakfast my love" says Melissa.
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Please, for the love of fluffy white kittens, go buy the Chicago Manual of Style and read it. Then look at this story and know how badly you've hurt the written word.
Why would you add another chapter to his, this is just terrible writing all together, go work ok the other stories that were at least half decent