a pig to play with

chapter 1

Julian, sitting on his raggedy old sofa, was groaning and moaning after painfully stuffing himself on some homemade burgers. Julian was an unkept guy who didn't mind wearing the same clothes for days in a row or cleaning up. He saw being clean as a chore and he wasn't fond of chores. It was something that stuck with him as a child. So as he was sitting on the couch, food stained wife beater and wearing a pair of briefs for god-knows how long, he turned on the t.v to distract himself from how painfully full he was. Julian was a big guy, always has been, even as a kid. His parents tried putting him on a diet, but those never worked. He would sneak food into his room and went to great lengths to get money to buy, even steal from his mothers purse. To him, eating was comfort and he wanted to be comfortable all the time. This lead to him added a pounds and pounds over the years and at 19 years old he was already over 300lbs.

Julian was all alone in his single bedroom apartment. His parents gave him an ultimatum halfway through his final semester of high school, to either go to college and get a career or move out and live life how he wants to live. That same day his parents gave him the ultimatum was the same day he moved out. Julian wasn't stupid and knew that one day he'd have to move out, so he saved up money and was able to rent a cheap apartment. For him cheaper was better because then he'd have more money to spend on food or weed. After moving out, Julian dropped out of high school and worked full-time at his fast food gig. He got more money and asked to be scheduled to work closing shifts so he could take home food that they were going to throw away. He was a poor excuse of a man with no more and he didn't care at all.

That night, as Julian was mindlessly watching t.v, waiting to pass out; there was a loud knock on his door. Julian didn't respond to the knock and instead turned the t.v off in hopes that whoever was on the other side would go away. The knocks came again and louder. This got a response out of Julian "Who is it?!" he said. After he said that, the knocks stopped and he had thought whoever knocked had left. Reassured, Julian turned the t.v back on and then bam, he heard his apartment door swing open with force. Two large, muscular men ran in the room, scanned in and found what they were looker for. The men went to Julian and quickly apprehended him. "What the fucks going on!?!" said Julian all angry and scared. He tried to struggle free, but his flabby body wasn't lightyears away in strength compared to the men who held him. As he continued to struggle and to no avail, a slender woman in a black dressed walked in. Julian stopped squirming as he saw the lady. He scanned her up and down and fell in love with her features. Curves in the right places, long black hair, voluptuous lips and beautiful hazel eyes. "Looks like the lead was right, there is a pig living here in the apartment" said the beautiful mystery woman. "He even smells like one too" she said as she pinched her nose as she walked towards Julian. "You'll be a lovely pig to watch and play with" said the woman, who then planted a kiss on Julians lips.

Julian was smitten by the lady and the kiss was breathtaking. But before his mind could register again that he was still being held by two muscular men, the last thing he saw was the lady wiping her lips and she was dialing her phone, and a hand come up to his nose.
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