unintended consequences

chapter 1

I had always been relatively thin, sometimes muscular, sometimes not. Finishing school had me in a serious muscular phase, looking rather top heavy with broad shoulders, heavy arm muscles, defined six pack and strong legs. It also left me with the problem going into uni... money. I hunted for a job for a few weeks - no interest in the jock with zero experience...
This changed when I walked into the local pizza place... I went in to get dinner, walked out 5 hours later having completed my first shift. I apparently showed some aptitude, rapidly progressing to assistant then store manager. The rapid progression meant less time at the gym.and more time at work... no big deal, I thought...
Six months passed, still busy at work and at uni. While my arms and shoulders retained their shape and strength, my waist had grown slightly, six pack now slightly covered in soft flesh and pushed out slightly. A little self conscious, I started wearing slightly larger, untucked shirts.. which meant slightly more room in my pants as well. It was during this phase that Karen first walked into my life.....
A Friday night, really busy. A tall young lady walks in with a group of friends to order dinner... tall, long brown hair, long legs enclosed in leggings that clung to her wide hips, narrow waist and large bust on show in a bodysuit top. She had a lovely smile and voice... her name , Karen on the order. She toyed at the counter, eventually asking if there were any jobs going... in a similar position to me, uni and needing money... she stayed and tried out that night while her friends went out, answering phones, taking money... me looking across occasionally at this seeming goddess working at the counter. Needless to say, she got the job. She also got a lift home, me staying to talk for a while...
Before long she was my indispensable right hand, always working with me. Now she was aking pizzas too, really getting the hang of everything. We were also spending more time together at the end of the night, munching on dinner as we cleaned up after closing, or sometimes taking it back to her place. I'd often go home feeling rather full, having finished off the last slice of pizza.. can't throw it out, Karen would say....
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Jazzman 2 days
So Good! Please write more
Jazzman 4 days
This is a Wonderful story and plot. Amazing characters too.Auto correct is kicking your behind sometimes lol.I can usually figure out what word you Wanted to use.Keep Going please!
Where did Chapter 6 go? Awww... smiley
Oooh, that chapter 6! What erotic wonder your words bring forth! Thank you for sharing your talents.
Jazzman 2 months
Great story
Bbman26 3 months
I like it can't waIt for more
godan2056 3 months
great start