fat hypnosis (old story)

fat hypnosis

[Hypnosis ahead + teasing]
Get something to eat to add to the experience. Enjoy.

Each letter you read will make you hungrier and hungrier... 
Each letter you read will make your mouth water...
Each letter you read will make you think of your favorite food...
Each letter you read will make your belly expand...

Every time I snap my fingers, you will do as I say.

Now that you are fully in trance, you will do as I say. I see that you already have been snacking. How can I see that?
No it's not just the crumbs on the side of your mouth.. It's that belly of yours. I see that its already poking out quite a bit. *Giggle* .. That's an understatement.

Now why did you want to be hypnotized?
Are you afraid of gaining?
Can't you gain weight by yourself?
Are you in need of some encouragement?
Are you in need of someone who takes control over your body?"
Or are you just greedy and do you want even more...

I bet the answer is yes to all of those questions. If not, now it is.
So.. Let me take control over your body then. 
I see your brought some snacks to the session. How about you start eating those for me? 
.. How dare you deny my request. 
Eat your food. *Snap*
How does it feel to no longer being able to control your own movements? 
I'll tell you how it feels for me. It feels good. Powerful. Arousing even. Just the thought of what I can do with you now makes me go crazy.

Can you feel your stomach expand...? 
Do you feel your belly push against your waistband?
Does it make you feel bloated and fat?
You sure do look like it, I tell you.

Don't stop eating now. Keep going. *Snap*
Rub your belly with your free hand for me. *Snap*
Feel yourself getting bigger and bigger. Feel all of that fat grow under your skin. Feel yourself becoming a fat fat piggy.
That is exactly how I want you.
I want you fat, swollen, bloated, huge, gigantic, massive, gluttonous, and helpless. 
You are going to keep eating until it hurts to breathe. *Snap*
You are going to obey my commands and become the pig you are meant to be.
You will not stop until you jiggle when you blink.

Eat piggy, eat. *Snap*

Are you feeling fat yet?
Say yes, Miss. *Snap*
Good pig.

You are going to get something to drink now and chug as much as you can.

Chug more.
More, piggy.
I want to hear that drink slosh inside your gigantic gut.

Now slap that full belly for me *Snap*

Do you feel stuffed.. Defeated?
Thought so.

What's that? 
No.. I am not going to get you out of your trance.
You are going to keep eating until we meet again. 
Impress me.

- Rach
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Great work, very well written.
And it actually works, it made me hungry haha!
Porky 2 weeks
During this I absentmindedly reached for my bag of chocolates
d-ninja 2 weeks
I love this. I wish i had a feeder girl to take control of me like this and fatten me to her hearts content
fatbelly19 2 weeks
This made me fricking starving
stimulant, I would like to have one that hypnotizes me and to be subdued with food
Huh? What just happened? Oh... whatever.

I'm hungry.

(Love your story, as I love all your stories)
ccwolf60 2 weeks
Feeling kind of hungry now, time for a very big breakfast smiley