revenge of the body builder

chapter 1: a plan

Sculpted like the statue of David, Harry's skin gleamed under the lights on stage. Muscles rippling from the dumbbells he gripped in either hand, he grunted as he lifted them. Sweat tumbled across his forehead, veins bulging and rippling as he brought them up, turning to the side to show the ripple of biceps lurching from his arm. He smiled.
The crowd awed, save one. Sitting in the first row, dressed in a tight fitting suit was one man, Steve. His steely blue eyes fixed on David, scrutinizing his body. His fingers drummed against his own thickly formed arms, mentally measuring the other's arms, wondering how close they were to his own.
Harry let his dumbbells fall to the floor, rubbing his upper arms a bit as he stretched his back toward the ceiling. Abs like rippled pebbles stretched with him.
Steve frowned. A competitor like this would not bode well for his own body-building career. He would have to be taken down. But how?
A crunching noise broke his concentration. Steve turned to face the noise. Seated in a wheel chair near the edge of the stage, another man had broken out a bag of chips and was busily chowing down. His stomach consumed most of the chair, spreading out like a massive blanket. The shirt he wore couldn't contain the fat pile of mess that spilled from his shirt and over his knees. He barely had anything of a neck anymore, but his eyes fixed on Harry's body, lit up. Behind him, another man stood, a large soda in hand. He reached forward, putting the straw in the other man's mouth. The fat man frowned, looking behind him at the other for a moment. The skinnier one, grabbed the other's belly and obediently the fat man began to drink.
Steve's eyes gleamed, dancing between Harry on the stage and the fat man in the chair. He saw Harry look at him, too. Saw the disgust which flickered in his eyes.
Steve's eyes flickered as he imagined that fat belly on Harry. How much it would weigh him down. How his muscles would evaporate and Steve would reclaim his former title....
Steve smiled as Harry walked behind the curtain. He rose and moved toward backstage. He had a plan.
Next Chapter will be posted July 15, 2017 before 6pm mountain time. Harry might be a bit heavier than before...

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fatnick 5 days
wow i love it keep writeing
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Love it!